Any PVE Level 80 Twink Guilds out there?

85 Night Elf Druid
I'm not properly geared yet, but I think that I want to try PVE Level 80 twinking and get geared up for it. I have a level 90 and two level 87s so I can use them to help gear me up.
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80 Human Death Knight
If you're still looking <The Pride> is one of the biggest level 80 twink guild currently recruiting. We are a very fast growing guild on the server "Bladefist" and work hard to maintain a friendly, helpful environment as well as keep a steady interest in pve and pvp, while avoiding any elitest people. We raid ICC 25 heroic every week (sadly we do grab a handful of 90's, but never anymore than 5-6). Often, (mainly when we get tired of pugs xD) we drop down to a 10 man heroic team of only 80's ---using Wrath Of The Lich King gear--- in doing this we are 12/12 heroic (link to guild page to check achievement -> "") Currently one of the most active 80 twink guilds (average 6-10 players on at most times except for raid times) and recruiting more active players for our core 25 heroic team. Our ICC raid time is on Fridays at 6pm server time (6pm pacific time zone, 9pm eastern time zone) Have any questions? Log over to Bladefist and send me mail VIA in game or simply add "" (name will come up as Jake Mandor). Guild currently has 120 members at level 19 after only being around for 3 months. We look forward to seeing new recruits and answering any questions you may have :) Have a good one!

Dont feel like reading?
-Raid 25h icc on friday, 6 game time
-guild is on bladefist
-may join at any level
-high level guild, have great members and growing fast
-6 game time = 6 pacific time zone, 9 eastern time zone
-guilds name is <The Pride>

PS: for the CORE icc team PLEASE have a full WOTLK set handy, as soon as we get enough geared people we will IMMIDEATLY switch to ONLY WOTLK gear with no pugged people... no acceptions. :)

Side note: For our core raid, we are looking for tank and healers (even though we accept EVERYTHING :3) :)
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Hello, I have been verry interested in twinks. If you are ok with people from other servers comming in, id be glad to join. Ill add you when i get on.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
I am a Horde lover, but i also love Wrath. I would love to join this guild. just one question. Would you prefer I level something other than a DK or can i do a DK just cuz its faster?
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90 Human Warlock
I'd love to level a Warlock for your team. As you can see, I main one, and am quite good at them. I was active in LK from Ulduar til Cata dropped, so if you would like to have a knowledgeable raider in your company, please do let me know. I tried to speak with two of your guildies about joining, but received no response, so if you would kindly shoot me an in-game mail on Arati-MoonGuard, I would be most grateful.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
Hey guys,

New guild "Burn Phase" are putting together a lvl 80 raid team on Khaz'goroth Alliance. We will be doing 5 man content (Frozen Halls, TOC) as well as legendary quests, mount achievements, Broken Hilt Farming and all the good stuff we remember about Wrath.

We will be starting raiding NOV 2013 doing Ulduar for our "Herald of the Titans" title, followed by ICC heroic hardmodes. Whisper me in game or email below to put your foot up Arthas's !@#.
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100 Tauren Shaman
Hi, ill like to know if you still recluting for people, ill like to make a twink, i want to have the Ulduar title, what do i need to enter? and any class do you need? Ussually im Main Healer Shammy Resto, this is my Main Mgblak-Kil'jaeden.

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I just checked this guild out and there is only 2 members left in the it may seem that the guild has fallen apart. : (
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90 Troll Druid
i have a newly formed lvl 80 guild, <Wrath of the Lich Twinks> on Thrall server
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80 Human Paladin
< Kingslayers > (25) Alliance. Biggest level 80 alliance raiding guild. Realm Kel'thuzad. Still very active with 80+ level 80 twinks. That's right... eighty level 80s in the guild. 25 H icc with ICC gear sets only, Friday at 6pm pacific time, 8pm central, 9pm eastern. No cata or mop gear for raiding accepted. Vent & LK dbm required. We also do RS and older raids. Due to how fast the guild is growing. We no longer accept crossrealm twinks. Only recruiting 80s that are willing to realm transfer. There are plenty of twinks that have already transferred just to join :) Add my battletag xmogables#1832 or iceman#1546
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80 Human Death Knight
I am looking for a guild to run wotlk content with only wotlk gear permitted as well.
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