The Sanctuary is a large lvl 25 guild with raid aspirations, we are currently looking for players to fill out a raid roster for 10man normals, we get enough we will gladly do 25. Most of the active members have been playing since vanilla and minus a select few havnt raided in awhile, or just hated cataclysm content...we would like anyone with the desire to progress through content with a relaxed, experienced group of mature gamers. We are relatively new, with all of the BoA rewards unlocked and 7 tabs..We'd like for anyone interested to be 18yrs old, and to please send me a message in game either this toon or my paladin Aenerion. Join our growing ranks!
We intend this month: MoP raid content and prep/practice for 5.2, old content for guild achievements/personal achievements for those wanting to finish those few they need here and there..with some dedicated pvp players added to our roster we could also get more arena teams out their and I'd be more than happy to coordinate a RBG team for those interested.
Looking to expand, progress, gather more individuals, and have fun. Again we are The Sanctuary and we need any of you raiders wanting in!