Hamorush is not getting the WoW experience

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I have been playing on Haomarush on and off since before the release of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and I have single-handedly witnessed the slow downfall of population on this server. Despite of me being upset about the server, I also want to try to move forward in the process of making changes instead of flat out complaining about it. I believe the server should merge with another low populated server because the players on Haomarush are no longer experiencing the content that blizzard intended.

Why advertise a mass multilayer online role playing game if its not "massive" whatsoeve to Haomarush? At most points in the day, I /who 90 to see how many level 90's are on at that given point and the number often does not reach 49, the cap in which there may or may not be more 90s online. That is, if every single person wanted to run a 25 man raid (one of the main aspects of end game content) there would not be enough people to run 2 complete groups even with the outrageous assumption that everybody wanted to. I understand that Blizzard has done things to try to help alleviate this problem, including cross realm grouping and zones, but there have still been problems with guild progression on this server. For one, there have been no Challange mode golds on this server yet, and the guild progression in heart of fear has been extremely slow, not to mention only a handful of guilds have even found the means and material to step foot in those dungeons (I have not had the chance to be recruited by these guilds). I, for one, have been a member of a guild that progressed slowly for a few months, then switched realms because of the low population. I could ramble about this all day, but the main point I am trying to make is that the lack of active raiding guilds and the low amount of challenge mode groups does not allow many players the opportunity to experience a lot of the content that the Blizzard wanted players to experience.

Another problem I have been observing is the economy. I find the auction house to be a waste of time at this point because the items I am searching for usually are not being sold; these are items that are very common, such as sha crystals, gems, and flasks. Blizzard designed the auction house so people skilled in certain professions can buy items of a profession they are not skilled in (i.e. a blacksmith can buy a gem from a jewelcrafter and that jewelcrafter may buy from a blacksmith in the future). Selling is also an issue because the market is so small, causing the aggregate demand for many items to be extremely low. The downward spiral of the auction house affect active players like myself in finding the necessary items I require. I have not seen an auction house even close to as deserted as the current state of Haomarush's auction house in the 8 years of playing this game. The auction house is another big part of the game that is not being used the way Blizzard intended.

People like to counter my arguments by telling me to just buy a character switch and move to a higher populated server. For one, that does not solve the problems the server faces. Also, I have accumulated 4 characters above 80, 2 of which are level 90. The total /played across all these characters is approximately 140 days spent here. I am a college student with compiling student loans; I can't afford a $100.00 transfer of these characters. If I were to transfer a character, it would only be my main character. I would be splitting up characters I had no intention of splitting up. At this pint blizzard should have the OBLIGATION to make server merges because the game is not the same for low populated servers. I have payed good money to play this game, but a lot of the content is unplayable or unusable. I ask blizzard to take necessary action in allowing low pop. server players to experience the REAL World of Warcraft and all of the wonderful content it has to offer. As I am typing this thread, My druid is sitting in a deserted Stormwind, is part of a guild that has recently deserted the server, and waiting back to hear a response to a trade chat message that I had just sent from any given soul that may be reading it. In a game that should be all about groups, teamwork, guilds, raids, and friendship it saddens me deeply to see this.
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the downfall started way before wotlk, many of these threads have appeared in recent years and many have gone completely unnoticed, you want to get some notice you need to go to a more populated forum and make this a general post about low pop realms. Because, believe me, Hao is not the only realm that is dog and if you only care about getting Hao fixed you're not going to get any recognition.

Also how have you played on the realm for 4-5 years and not know how to spell Haomarush?
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