Day One:

After much delay, and several pointed "in your own time" inquiries from a very concerned person named Tóm, I have been (reluctantly) inducted into Pia Presidium's "Knight and Squire" program.

Received message to meet my "knight" at bar in Stormwind – someone by the name of "Mikafar". Was informed knight would give me drinks.

After explaining to a curious gnome about my enormous worm, headed to Stormwind.

Got lost. Stupid cities.

Fell off my flying disc somewhere over the mage quarter.

Landed (hard) on cobblestone pathway. Coincidentally, directly in front of correct bar. My luck holds.

Was then snubbed viciously by extremely moody lady warlock(?) mage(?) angstomancer(?) by the name of...Melfur? Morefae? no matter, not important right now.

Met my Knight. My "knight" is an enormous hairy feline. Somewhere, the gods are laughing at me.

However, my knight has excellent taste in beer. Mmmmm, beer. Learned how to drink the Pia way. Apparently it involves invocation of "the Tab of Tom". My knight assures me that this is proper and right, and who am I to question my knight?

Studied the way o the beer...and scotch...and stout...and something called "Kezan Boomjuice". Studied rather a lot. May have barfed on something. And the flowers by the entrance will not be the same. Sniffed inappropriately. Regret nothing. Remember less.

Will deal with official parts of the arrangement tomorrow. Maybe.


I wonder if Tóm and Tom are the same person?