55 Night Elf Druid
i was asked to join a guild, so i said yes, when i joined the guild the guild master make me the new guild master and then he quit the guild. What do i do? I know nothing about runing a guild.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Leave it?
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11 Worgen Warrior
yeah only way to "leave it" is to play the same nasty trick on sum1 else
same thing happened to me on a low level toon. I keep him for AH and to fiddle with guild stuff & learn a bit. Actually, shortly after that I switched realms.

Say here's an idea. Play the nasty trick but on a friend's new toon. Then have him delete the toon! Problem solved!
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1 Human Warrior
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90 Draenei Death Knight
why not just keep the guild, and not run in?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Are there other people in the guild?

Have they been on recently? Just make one of them GL.

If there is no one in the guild... or no one who has been online in over say 2 or 3 months just /guilddisband

It's not really that bad.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Can't disband a guild over a certain level, pretty low level like 3 or something. Cynisng, is it this guild? I would promote the highest level ACTIVE character to gm, unless you want to lead it. Or like someone else said, if no one is active, make it a bank guild for one of your alts.

You can also offer it in trade chat, probably someone looking for a bank guild. Give or sell for a low price.

Edit: and if you DO want to lead it....don't rush to make it bigger or level quickly. Focus on the active guildies you have, see what they want to do, build a few guild activities around that. Be careful promoting officers, a small guild you can run by yourself until you're confident in who you promote. Put good controls on bank access (if you have at least 2 tabs, make one deposit-only, any other tabs NO deposits allowed) setting withdrawals conservatively. Think about what kind of guild YOU want to be in, and promote those standards...doesn't matter what those standards are really, but it will be the center of your guild's culture.

If after leading it for awhile, you decide you don't want to do that, by then you should have a good idea who to promote to gm.

Good luck.
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55 Night Elf Druid
Thank you all for your help!

I think ill just keep it. Its up to lv 7 so ill just keep lving it up=)
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