I'd like to introduce myself.
My name is Preciouz, I was formerly known as Kodàc and then later known as Konah on this server.
I transferred to Boulderfist back at launch of Mists of Pandaria and I decided to come back to Dawnbringer as Alliance after my recent Faction Change.

I'm glad to be back to Dawnbringer. I would appreciate if I didn't get flamed for coming back to this server. Yes, I know there is many more active servers, I came back to Dawnbringer to be with friends. I'd be more than happy to reconnect with some friends I had previous to me server transfer and faction change, if you'd like to chat with me feel free to whisper me.

I have started a guild <Tears of the Infamous> and we're currently recruiting. Members that join will be welcome to many events that I'll be hosting. I'm looking forward to leading the guild through many feats and overcoming others. If you would like to join feel free to whisper any member online that is in the guild.

~Thank you,