Soul of the Forest or Incarnation?

90 Night Elf Druid
I have been using Soul of the Forest and really loving it. In the past, I always used incarnation because I thought it was the go to choice; but for some reason I never came to use it because I didn't want to blow a 3 min CD unless I knew for sure it was a "oh $^%&" moment and then after that I had no mana because I was healing my !@#$ off. That's probably just me being bad but where I struggled with Incarnation, I have really grown with SotF.

I found this thread because I was trying to see if other people were having as much fun with SotF as I was?

What I have found to work best for me is focusing a tank as he is pulling and casting RJ, LB, LB, SM (for Harmony and SotF), LB. The ticks of LB I get from this is crazy and allows me plenty of OoC.

Another thing I have truly liked about the SotF is how easily I can switch from single target healing to raid healing by SM'ing a teammate and popping a WG(glyphed really helps in 10 man). My gear is crap right now and I am keeping up with or out healing healers with higher Ilvls. By using the SotF and having all my wild mushrooms out, it brings me great joy to watch the cast bar for Tranquility blaze by and following up with a fully loaded wild mushroom:Bloom detonate and the entire raid is completely topped off. As I mentioned earlier, Incarnation causing me OOM, SotF provides a significant increase to HOTS allowing me to conserve my mana and finish fights. I can't imagine what this ability will do for me as I start getting better gear and set bonuses.

I would recommend everyone at least give Soul of the Forest a try for a few raids. Lining up SM with different abilities and seeing how it greatly enhances your spells.

As for the last Tier talents. I went with Heart of the Wild. I tried Nature's Vigil but didn't see much in increase and had more consistent healing output with HotW. Maybe I will try Nature's Vigil again now since I have a good handle of SotF.
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