Call Lightning + Immolation

90 Dwarf Shaman
Ive been interested in a team centered on this combo and am trying to figure out which pets would be best suited to it. So far Im looking into

Thundering Serpent Hatchling- P/P (Storm + cyclone if Im feeling saucey)
Fel Flame - H/H (Immolation, and the Flame breath and immolate dots also do the additional lightning damage, letting him fight if the tank goes down)
Some tank- I wouldnt be able to default to Anubisath since i need the weather, so Im looking into either a S/S rabbit, H/H restless Shadling, or H/H Jade Oozling

Advice or recommendations would be appreciated
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91 Troll Death Knight
Peddlefeet's Rapid Fire (hits all of the enemy pets twice) + Lightning Storm can be pretty obnoxious. His priority heal, the stun, and his racial make him pretty durable under most circumstances. The stun would give you an ideal time to swap back to the hatchling to refresh the weather.

Also, if someone tries to get cute and reflect the Rapid Fire, only the damage to the front pet is reflected. The shots you fire at the backline pets will still hit as intended.

Jade Oozeling is great for damage, but he isn't a very good tank in my experience. He's too slow, and needs at least three turns to set up.
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90 Troll Shaman
i love the idea of a dot+lightning storm team, but its totally shut down by sandstorm or shields :(

its totally my style though

ill add my 2 cents: a scourged whelpling tank
plagued blood: adds heals yay heals
death and decay: long term ground based dot yay dots
tail sweep: since scourged are typically slow it will double dip on both plagued blood heals and extra lightning storm damage.
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90 Gnome Mage
An upgraded tranquil mech sasquatch also makes for a good lightning storm user with supercharge and thrash for multiple attacks. Used in my lightning dot team.
I'd suggest having an ooze in your party; corrosion and acidic goo do insanely dmg.
My last member was an upgraded sen'jin fetish; took one of his dots and wild magic
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90 Tauren Druid
Corefire Imp. Wild Magic for bonus damage. Also Immolate hits from the back row so he can regen from the back row.
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90 Human Paladin
This is mt T Five (check my pets)

I use a Golden Hatchling (Call Lighting and cyclone), Fel Flame(flame breath,immolate, and immolation), and Lil XT (Zap, Heartbroken, Tantrum)

Step One- Send out your Fel Flame to dot up as many of your opponents team as you can. (people tend to switch after you dot the first pet) before you switch him out make sure u put up immolation)

Step Two- Drop a Call Lighting/Cyclone

Step Three- (if its safe) use heartbroken and then Tantrum. If they skip to avoid buffing ur damage that just buys you more damage since your fel flames back rowing some real damage if not his entire team will most likely be a dead by the end of tantrum.

This is the basics you have to change it up depending who you face but its a very affective comp.

On a side note the reason i love this team so much is cuz reflect users can't do !@#$, Fel Flames Immolation protects you from any reflect since they try to reflect it and it fails.
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90 Human Paladin
ill add my 2 cents: a scourged whelpling tank
plagued blood: adds heals yay heals
death and decay: long term ground based dot yay dots
tail sweep: since scourged are typically slow it will double dip on both plagued blood heals and extra lightning storm damage.

I have tested this team out before but the problem is that ANY pet with a shield shuts down all your damage. With the amount of Anub Idols and Magic Crawdads out there it can be very annoying.

That aside Troll's idea for a tank pet is right on the money. Your Fel Flame (who is prob the most tanky Fire elemental pet out there) can heal himself while staying out of combat.
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90 Undead Rogue
Pick up that little undead pet that does both immolate and wild magic, there are 2 pets like that I think (Corefire imp being other one).

pretty neat combo.
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91 Blood Elf Paladin
The most success I had with a Lightning team was with the Mech Yeti and two Squirrels.

Open with Yeti. Supercharge- then smash them with Call Lightning. They are almost dead already. Swap in a squirrel (341 speed) and nut drop. Ten swap in your next squirrel and nut drop again. I had used a Darkmoon Monkey and Pandaren Earth Spirit (which both have the same type of move but are slower) but the speed wasn't nearly as good AND the squirrel drops for 4 rounds instead of two or three. You get more bang for your buck.

Nut Barrage continues to work even after you swap (like the Darkmoon Faire tamer) so if you end up swapping the Yeti back in for another supercharged CL, it'll happen with Nuts falling also.
Also great against players using reflect (which is nearly all of them these days). Same with a moth user. It only blocks the first nut drop. They still eat the rest.

I used am Imp but the Imp would usually be near dead before Wild Magic ever comes into play. It's wasn't very useful. Same with the slime. Their damage takes too long to ramp up.
Nut drop in instant and continues to work even when they're not in battle.

Edit: Forgot to add Squirrel also has a dot (bleed) that will keep going after a swap; Wood Chipper
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90 Human Paladin
in a squirrel (341 speed) and nut drop. Ten swap in your next squirrel and nut drop again

Nut barrage only has a one round CD, swapping only makes you lose a turn. It's best you just use the squirrels bleed to add another dot to the call lightning. Crouch is also one of the greatest defence spells out there. 50% reduced damage for 3 turns (cuz when using a speed breed you get that first extra turn)

It's a good idea but you have to also be aware that nut barrage also has crap hit. It is very common to miss all your attacks.

Also it's best to use a chicken or monkey rather then 2 squirrels cuz their own versions of the spell do not stack
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90 Night Elf Druid
When I do the Aki Daily, I always fight her Thunder Hatchling with my Clockwork gnome, get two turrets up at the same time, and laugh as her own weather beats her!

Totally wish I could find a stormreaver guild with that pet unlocked, I would totally rock that pet and a clockwork gnome togather u_u
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100 Undead Rogue
I actually use Thundering Hatchling- storm, cyclone. Then bring our the clockwork gnome for turrets. My third pet is really however im feeling that day. Magical crawdad is good with his shield and massive heal. Or like you thought, any immolation and ememental fire dot
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