25 man guild LF - A healer, Feral, Boomkin

25 man guild LF - A healer (Rshamy/DPriest/Hpaly) & 2-4 DPS (Feral, Boomy, Ret, hunter, Rogue, Ele, Spriest, Warrior, or any other really good player.

Are you in an inactive guild? Do you long to raid 25's again and be part of a bigger team? Do you want lots of people to do lots of things? Do you like having fun in a drama free envirment where laughter is the norm not the exception? If the answer to any of these is yes then take a look at what we have to offer.

Bane of Existence is a very active guild raiding both 25 man and 10 man raid content. We have a lot fun, have a lot going on but we are semi casual that is we all have a life outside of wow. We have a mature leadership with a wide range of ages in the guild from the 40s to 18. Besides raiding as a 25 we also have an active 10 man and we have an alt 10 man that raids weekly, we also do a lot pvp, engage in brawlers guild activities and many other things. Plus we often do old content for transmogs and for achevs for the newer players but mostly we have fun.
If you want to be part of our wonderfull envirement and would like to have the opertunity to compete for a spot on one of our teams then apply at our guild on the website listed below or contact one of our officers. We are currently 6/6 Reg in MV, 4/6 in HoF. US 25 man guild.
We raid Tues, Thurs, Sundays 8-11 EST. We are especialy looking for a Healer and a few good dps to replace some of our raiders.
1 Healer -(basicly any none druid or monk healer) so resto shamy, Disc Priest or Holy Paly - we have a healer leaving soon and need to find a replacement. Resto Shamy Holy Paly Disc Priest
2-4 dps especially Feral Druid -(have none right now)
Boomy Druid - (have none right now)
Ret Paly -(have a part time one only now)
Ele Shamy -(have none right now)
Mage- 1 (can't get enough of them)
Windwalker Monk- 1
Shadow Priest- 1 (have only 1 would love anouther)
Fury/Arms Warrior- 1
BM/Surv Hunter- 1 (we have only 1 would love anouther)
Rogue - (have only one would love anouther)

But we would be only to happy to consider any dps who can perform well. Please be able to make ALL these times!!! Raiding does go down to 1-2 nights once content is on farm. We are a VERY active guild outside of raid times. If you want to see some of our kill videos for this tier along with prior tier visit www.youtube.com/italiansaint219.

If you are interested please contact Monkysaint, Purely, Shackmin, Fiddlesticks or Leotax in game via tells or mail or feel free to post an app on our website (below). If you can't get a hold of us just give us a way we can reach you and we will asap.Our Website is:http://baneofexistence.guildlaunch.com

More about our guild:We are looking for dedicated, reliable, and hard working players. If you don't enchant gear, work for upgrades, use consumables, min/max on fights, complain about respec costs or anything like that...please do not apply. As a dps we expect you to be able to put out good numbers and know how to be the most effective in each encounter. With regards to raiding: While there is always a learning curve, players that tend to hinder raid progression on a consistent basis, should expect to lose their raiding spot on progression fights and be replaced by someone who will not hinder progression.
We recruit with the idea that new/prospective members will have the opportunity to earn a raiding spot over anyone who at the time is a "main" raider regardless of officership, seniority, or class. This is aimed at both ensuring raiders continuously perform at a level that is their best and also to provide motivation and hope to new members, while rewarding outstanding efforts and game play. Wipes will happen, but we expect everyone to learn quickly and consistently improve. One of our biggest strengths is our ability to raid 12 hours a week MAX, but keep up on progression with guilds on Server. Have your heart set on helping the guild and you will definitely find that care and effort returned to you by everyone around you!
We like to have fun and joke around but also know how to buckle down and focus on progression when it is needed.
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If this interests you Add me to Real id so we can chat, rip51tex@yahoo.com
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90 Pandaren Monk
Mmmmm... Real id

Still LF good DPS to fill spot/s on our roster. If you want a good home, friendly and active community than post a response or message in game.
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90 Pandaren Monk
LF experienced dps still
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Looking to fill in for a group/guild while my guild gets there !@#$e together in terms of consistent raid attenders. If you need an arcane mage that's been playing/raiding for years and is consistently outputting good dps, hit me up here or in game. I currently raid (or log on to raid) Tues/Thurs 9-12 server but would consider other times during these days. Sundays are a possibility.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Are you still looking for Holy Paladins?
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