Blast from the past / for my homies

90 Night Elf Warrior
I’ve played on 4 servers, in over 15 guilds, quit for months, came back and walked away for 3 expansions, but my HOME was always Scarlet Crusade. It's been the PEOPLE behind the toons that have influence my game play. It’s the sense of community that I miss and a lot of you guys were part of that. Before my acct turns off on the 20th, I would like to give some shout-outs. (in no particular order)

Shidonii - Got me started and moved me along through hell and back. thanks for all your help, babe

Ezlox/Ezlor - my 1st wow buddy. GL wherever you are, man.

Baeshra - steamrolled me and Ez through Wailing Caverns but not without forgetting to heal us quite a few times lol

Athlonwolf - HUGE thanks, man. The beer we need to have, has been TOO long in coming.

Moora aka "Danger Elf" - gave QUITE the experience when questing from 58-60 in Anorhal and surrounding zones; 3-manning BRD with you and Athlon opened my eyes to more than the game

Lundar - I'll catch up with you IRL soon, ace

Alyster/Dredj - The consumate quester that helped me more times than I can count. I still remember dancing around inside the SW bank in the Dwarven Dist, while there was a “serious” guild meeting happening about merging w/ The Dark Company :)

Chromous - STILL painfully funny to read your FB posts, Adam. The way your undead horse DIDN’T make noise and how you macro’d your /cry … CLASSIC!

Oronra - Rolled a toon to 60, grinded for the epic mount, bought the wrong one, deleted the toon, and REROLLED another class. (and STILL beat me to 60)


Malthusian - I sincerely hope you went on to bigger and better things in real life after Clan Destiny. I still have the infamous Dark Iron Boots of the Bear.

Shadowblaze - Loaded my pockets from your rogue when Mandokir's Sting dropped and I won the roll. Helped me become a TANK in Dire Maul and as I recall, it was ONE tick of Shadow Word Pain that killed Nefarian when the rest of the raid was dead.

Theelijah - Member of the Awesome Paladin Team in CD

Taewedar - Lead all those ZG runs that geared me up, Superb person. Hope you and Marick are doing well.

Marick - Don't know what to say, Man. You helped a lot of people. I hope that you and Tae are having a great time.

Krychon - I can STILL hear you cackling on vent. I still LOL about how something as small as the Azuresong Mageblade can NUKE a guild

Kinson - my first time tanking Onyxia you "stole" her from me in Phase 3 with 2 swipes of your newly minted THUNDERFURY. HAHA

Kamrin - Guild counselor extraordinaire

Cereth - I still have the Dark Iron pants and helm you made for me

Cspir – still THE Dps warrior in my mind
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Entheogen - more than just the voice behind "GET TO THE CHOPPAH!" and the sickest Hunter DPS ever

Anther/Arivan - two of the nicest people I've EVER played with. I took heart in instances just by seeing you guys

Saduun - <Arivan Stole My Bike>

Oakshard - nutcase. made feral cool b/f it was

Shinikaji - My favorite Warlock and raid-buddy of all time. YOU were Blood and Honor, bro. I'll NEVER forget my first times in BWL with you, getting our faces torn off in Mana Tombs, or “He’s a REAL DOCTOR!”. lol That 20-man run of hand-picked guildies that we went into Naxx with was the last time I was in there before a few weeks ago. (biggest let-down of my game experience) One of my few regrets was I never got a smash my head against that monument of pain with you.

Armagaddon - I still think about you fishing in Rag's lava pool. HAHAHA

Bazarm – always cutting up and catching hell from Shin, NEVER a dull moment!

Calligula - how many T1/2 did you get in 2 nights, old man? 6?! LOL

Maxxtraxx - Super-excellent Paladin. Miss playing with you, dude. Last time I "saw" you was at the Throne of Elements in Negrand. You buffed me threw me a heal that SAVED MY @55.

Tack – gnome of doom and dps

Torunn – it was tough to play when you were killing me on vent, hoss :)

Venngeance - of the THUNDERFURY's I've "helped" people get, I was the most excited to help with yours. I still remember the night the other binding dropped.

Zereo - another of my favorite "squishes"

Buttercup – A leader. Never steered people wrong and always helping

Dwraith - “Is it NATURE?!” ROFLMAO

Seba – Wish I knew where you were man

Too many things to say about the below list. May your exploits IRL surpass what you did in game:
Allundri Drazylgym Kalbraith Squeekers
Annadeer Drokin Kmara Turbocharge
Arcstarain Elluria Knocks Windscarr
Ardragda Faethe Loftus Wolflight
Astonisher Flinthammer Lunarshot Zenos
Aurious Galindur Malkoth
Bloomage Hammerbreak Nazgool
Celdiseth Himsa Persymphony
Cloverleaf Hobbity Sansha
Deerling Jaws Soloreo

What I learned:
<Knights of the Blue Rose> taught me about Wow
<Gryphon Claw Legion> about guilds
<The Dark Company> about who is fun to play with
<Aureus> about how you can’t tell someone else how to feel
<Clan Destiny> about myself
<Legends> some things end so that others can start
<Illusionary Death> that the grass isn’t always greener
<Pale Riders> sometimes things get away from you
<Blood and Honor> sometimes things are magical
<Misfit Militia> that we’re ALL addicts in some way

-Vidaar (if you haven’t figured it out)
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Wasn't really expecting anyone to read this much less respond, so yeah.

I finally got THUNDERFURY tonight. On my last MC reset, probably ever.

GL all.

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100 Orc Hunter
Wasn't really expecting anyone to read this much less respond, so yeah.

I finally got THUNDERFURY tonight. On my last MC reset, probably ever.

GL all.


Well... hardly any of those people you mentioned are still around. I know I saw Buttercup a few days ago, but I can't say I've seen any of the others. It's kind of sad to log in and realize nearly everyone is gone.

Grats on the Thunderfury.
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90 Worgen Priest
Who are any of these people
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91 Human Paladin
What Palv said... it *is* sad, I hate it. :-(

Jum, mostly alliance people, many from mid-late Vanilla
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Who are any of these people
Who are any of us really!

Vidaar love you man and it was always a blast questing in the world with you!

It is sad that most people have moved on to RL or other servers even maybe name changes.

The game is not what it once was!
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Dmtee, what character did you play during the time of Blood and Honor? I remember practically everyone in that guild when I raided with my Dad, Orinar.

I was the guilds only Arms warrior for the MS in BWL, lol.
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100 Orc Warrior
If you ever revisit this post..
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90 Pandaren Hunter
I should really try to get my old account and characters back. Except I'm not sure if I feel like smooshing my passport even more to scan it...
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