The Federation is a social / casual guild is recruiting for casual and serious raiders and players!

Are you a fresh 90 that is needing heroics to gear up for LFR or even start raiding? We stride to encourage each other to group up and run heroics. We also try to help each other gear up and have a great time while doing it.
Are you a veteran 90 who wants causal progression in a raid with other players like yourself? We are currently 3/6 Mogu'shan Vaults and hoping to venture in Heart of Fear soon.

Mogu'shan Vaults: Please be above 460 ilvl, enchanted, gemmed, and reforged properly. Please be raid aware and know at least the first four encounters. Currently have a need for: Tanks (moderate) Healers (High) and dps (low).
Heart of Fear: Please be above 480 ilvl, enchanted, gem, and reforged properly. Raid aware and know the first two encounters. Current need for: Tanks (High), Healers (High), and Dps (High).

We are not a hardcore guild nor will we ever be. We are a causal and social guild. We like to see the the content at our own pace while making new friends doing so. We have veteran players as well as new players as well.

We try to run heroics daily and try to run Sha and if he's up Galleon together. As of now we have a few raiders and are looking for core and back-up raiders.

We are a PG-13 rated guild. We're family oriented and try to have fun with each other. We have children and adults in the guild so we try to keep it to a PG-13 conversations.

We are accepting all levels and classes. New and Old players.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask questions in-game to Mongrueles, Storming, Lyrnne, or Móoniana, or you may ask the questions down below. Hope to hear from any of you.