[H] Legends of the Horde LF Raiders 5.2

90 Blood Elf Mage
Legends of the Horde, level 25


We are a small, tight knit guild formed just over a year ago during Dragon Soul. We started raiding as a level 4 guild and slowly gained new members as we grew. Our second week of raiding as a complete guild we started heroics and downed Morchok, Yor'shaj, Zon'ozz, and Ultraxion in our first five weeks of raiding. We finished off Hagara and Warmaster in the next month. We went on an extended break and cam back just in time to kill spine and madness with a month before MoP dropped.

In the past we have had very driven players who strived to get the most out of their toons with the gear available to them and were focused on heroic progression. When MoP dropped we had initially planned to go 25 man but that didn't work out and members broke off to fill in spots for guild that needed one to two players to fill a void that they had. Those of us that are interested in raiding and have the time to focus on it pug most of the time with some of us having pugged all 16/16. We have fairly good gear and are ready to focus on 5.2. We are looking to get a team together prior to 5.2 and start downing heroic bosses in the current tier. We have decided to focus on 10 man as it is just easier to manage attendance, and easier to find a person to fill in rather than a handful. As I stated before most of us still around have heroic progression experience and are looking for other with the same mindset.


We plan on raiding Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - 7:15 pm to 10:30 pm server. We could potentially throw Wednesday into the mix if there are enough players interested in adding another day for progression and possible dropping Sunday.


Current needs would be as follows

Tanks who actually want to, and enjoy tanking (we have a tank that would much prefer to DPS)
- All tanking classes are welcome.

DPS - one or two ranged (hunter, lock, boomy, ele) and one to two melee (rogue, enhc, windwalker)

Heals - Pretty much everything is welcome other than priests.


We work off a loot council/roll system, in the past we have had people who understood that for progression to really be successful the team must excel, not one or two players, and were generous in passing loot to others deserving but undergeared in comparison to themselves. We are looking for people who can push themselves to exceed the "limits" of their gear.

We understand that RL takes precedent of a video game so there are no hard feeling if someone cannot make it, and advanced notice is very much appreciated, most officers are available through mobile most times of the day and most have no problem being contacted with email or text if someone is unavailable to make a particular day. But on the flip side, if an absence is frequent you being replaced must also harbor no hard feelings. We don't aim to be world first or even real first, but progression at a steady pace is difficult with an ever changing team.


I can be reached in game through battletag Legendary#1697


Bullwhip, Bayleth, Catastrofic, Grettaa, Monxican, Rampage, Restobear, Riichirou, Ozryel, & ZZyra, can also be contacted an able to answer any questions you may have.

PS -

Myself along with our other raiders are capable of performing other roles as we have quite a few geared and experienced alts.

If this seems to fit your schedule, you are heroic progression minded, you try your best to excel at your role, and your are a person who is focused on working as a team please contact any one of our officers or myself to discuss raiding with us as 5.1 draws to a close and we get ready to focus on 5.2


If there are people who are interested in clearing as much of this current tier heroics as possible but don't want to leave their current guilds we can probably mesh out groups together for the time being and work on downing these bosses.
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90 Blood Elf Mage
Looking for ranged DPS, 1 healer and 1 tank!
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