Greetings Blackhand,

NaturalSelection is looking to recruit the following classes/specs for our core team, 10-man.

Blood DK or Guardian Druid (Hybrid Tank position)
Frost or Unholy DK

Our raid times are 8 ST till 11:30/12:00 ST on Tuesday and Sundays with an added Wednesday every other week or when schedules permit. We're looking for raiders who are hungry for progression. We aren't going to look at gear(assuming it's ready for atleast MV), we value performance and effort to earn and retain your spot. Our core members have raided together since TBC, previously being a more hardcore raid group. We've since relaxed to a more casual raiding system but still value progression into heroic content.

If you're interested in joining or want more information, contact Destiel. If you have trouble contacting me, ask one of our guildies if I'm on an alt or if another officer is on. You're also welcome to in-game mail me if I'm not on.
Edited by Destiel on 2/10/2013 6:01 PM PST