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This will be the place to help your fellow realm-mates learn their class and general gameplay. One of the things that I've noticed on this realm is that people are often times willing to learn, but they're just lacking accurate or sufficient material. If there's something in this thread that seems off or wrong just feel free to chime in. Discussion will breed knowledge. This will mainly pertain to PvE play.

First and foremost, I will go over what every single player will need to know to be truly successful.

-Gem and Enchant your gear. (appropriately) Before you enchant something, see if it'll actually be making a difference. If you're a warrior, spirit will do absolutely nothing for you.

-Reforge, and in addition to that, reforge well. Tools like Reforgelite and are you friend.

-Consumables. This means food, flask and potions. Missing out on using any of these is pretty much like missing out on a couple enchants or gems. Use them.

-Know what you're gearing for and why! Especially in 10 man content, the "best" stat build may not always be the best! Know what each stat does for you and make an educated decision. This particularly pertains to healers and tanks.

-Read your spellbook! Just because it's not mentioned in a guide or here doesn't mean it isn't useful! People get world firsts based off of clever mechanics that aren't necessarily cookie cutter.

-Know other classes. Know what buffs they give you. What debuffs they give you. Know how you can synergize with them. Don't go overboard and tell someone how they HAVE to play, because it's not your place if they didn't ask. But if they have a tool that you can use then make sure they're letting you use it.

-Logs. If you aren't running logs for yourself on LFR and in normal raids, then start doing it. It's quick and easy. gives a quick guide on how to do it and also has a client download on their website that allows you to upload them.

-Addons. Recount, DBM, weakauras, bartender, any class specific addons. They're all tools that you can use to improve your play. You're never going to be quite as accurate as a timer, so let it do some tracking for you. Curse Client is the best way to get addons and keep them updated in my opinion.

-Raid strategies. Know what the boss does and how to counter it. Experience will be king here, and the dungeon journal is a great last minute tool, but you should also be looking up videos because it's rare that Darrowmere is progressing on a boss before there is a guide out. Fatboss's youtube channel is a great resource for this.

Now for the class guides. Most of these are going to redirect you to another forum post. Elitist Jerks isn't quite the same as it used to be, and the WoW forums have been getting better and better. Hanging out in your class specific forums isn't a bad idea either. Without further ado, here you go:
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1. Death Knight


2. Druid


3. Hunter

-All Specs

4. Mage

Don't have anything here for PvE unfortunately. If someone has something please post it.

5. Monk

-Mistweaver (Seems outdated)

6. Paladin


7. Priest

-Additional healing reference

8. Rogues

-All Specs
-Additional Subtlety info

9. Shaman


10. Warlock

-All specs

11. Warrior


Additionally, there's some reading material when it comes to DPS in itself here:

Healers can find interactive help here:

Tanks have a lot more reading material when it comes to the actual PRACTICE of tanking here:

Now that you know how to play, go gear up, correctly! This guide may help:
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sticky requested.. awesome post.
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Great post Roth.

I would also like to point out that Gear upgrades are a new feature added in 5.1. The NPC can be found in your factions Shrine in Vale of the Eternal Blossoms. Or in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. In Stormwind they are located near the Cathedral in the yellow roof district. On the outside ring near the hole Deathwing made. In Orgrimmar this npc is located just outside Valley of Strength. Right side if you're looking at the Hold. You will also find the Reforger/Transmog/Void storage vendors here.

Upgrades will be going away with 5.2, however, they will return in 5.3 most likely. A general rule of thumb with upgrades is to save it for gear you wont replace immediately. (Heroic raid gear) or LFR gear if you dont do normal modes and above. Start upgrading gear with the most stats on it first as well. (Chest Piece/legs).

If you have any questions regarding the Priest class (any spec) feel free to post them here. Or in the priest forums Roth linked above.
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I created a video on how to set up your UI with ElvUI and posted it on the SFOS YouTube site. It's not exactly a L2play thing, but cleaning up your UI can help you see more of the screen, which helps improve your "peripheral vision" in the game.
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Bump to keep near top.
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Sweet thanks this saves me a lot of noob questions
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