RP PvP Guild?

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(Before I start, just wanted to say that I also posted this on Lightninghoof. Until... I noticed how dead their forums were! Uh oh! So now I'm thinking about moving over here, to TN! :D)

Hello everyone!

I will be transferring to your server here in the coming months and I've been weighing my options on what type of guild to join.

Firstly I should say, I am transferring here from a NonRP server in the hopes to RP! I have RPed on WoW before and I miss it. I'd like whichever guild I am to join to have a main RP focus! Are there guilds on this server still with that focus?

What about RP Website communities--do those exist here on Lightninghoof?

I am a very competitive player. I come from a high population PvP Realm where I've been 2.2k and I will be looking to push high ratings when I come over here, if anyone is interested! For that reason, I'd love a guild that also has a general focus on PvP--be it from premade BGs to WPvP.

I will be Alliance. Unfortunately I have a whole throng of characters to transfer over, so I won't have the money to transfer them Horde as well.

Any insight to your server would be much appreciated :)

Thanks in advance!
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I do believe Azeroth Gladiators are a solid pvp guild, Dusk Watch does a lot of rping and pvping as well, so you might want to check into those guilds :) Good luck and welcome to TN! <3

~~ Kat

Ps. I have a resto shammy that would love an arena partner if you are interested! (and end up coming here!)
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Wow-tng.org is the RP Community website =)
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Thanks everyone! (This is Kalmea) I'll be looking into those! :D
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Run. Run fast as you can from this server.
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02/14/2013 05:10 PMPosted by Settana
Run. Run fast as you can from this server.

What she said. I know I did, and I couldn't be happier.

You're not going to get 2200 here, so that's a lost cause. ESPECIALLY on Alliance - they're worse than Horde. On TN, the skill cap is pretty much sitting at 1700-1900. (unless it got better, idk) If you want a RPPvP server, and get some rating, go to ED.

If you're seriously considering it and you want to RP, yeah, Dusk Watch would be your place to go. Since they are the only "good" (I use that term loosely) RP guild on the server.

I've played on this server for 7 years. Loved the people I met, loved the community, but sadly it's not what it was anymore. On top of that, TN is a dead server.

All in all, go to ED if you want some RPPvP and want to play with good players. Save your money and don't come here.
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Ha, you joined Crusaders of Skadoosh.

I've always liked that guild name.
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