Ret Needs baseline tools back not bandaids

90 Blood Elf Paladin
Lately all I see in Ret posts are discussions about the new bandaid fixes they're laying on our beloved spec to appease all the complaints (some pretty well justified). When the answer is simple, they should never have gutted our cata tools the way they did. If we had most of the baseline tools we used to have and got the functional holy power system that we have now (and needed since cata began), most of our problems would be fixed.

People complain about lack of CC (used to have baseline repent), lack of defense in pvp (last word, sacred shield), lack of mobility (LAotL and PoJ together) and low damage (baseline DP, buffed Sword of Light, Zealotry and longer Inq duration).

Having these tools would allow us to be a competitive spec. We have been continuously getting hit with these bad decisions and sure each in itself doesn't seem like a big deal but when you add them up over time, it's one giant heap of bad design. Remember when Sword of Light got buffed but we lost our crit on HoW? And everyone said it was a justified trade off, then they went and nerfed Sword of light too? What are some of the most common complaints these days...HoW being a bad execute and low sustained damage.

Are we really gonna be distracted by a snareless SoJ and a crappy change to HoSac?
When will a designer who actually plays this spec take a look and fix it beyond barely viable? When will we get our tools back and see them replaced with talents that are actually innovative and interesting?
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90 Human Paladin
Never. Because we're a popular class. If we're any kind of decent everyone will play ret. if they keep us where we are, they'll all just play holy or another class, and their pally will still be there, giving off the population statistic, making sure we never get an actually good buff. :D welcome to the world of retribution paladins!
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