2/16 H. which boss now?

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Hi galakrond. my group is currently 2/16 H with recently downing Sha of Fear to finish 16/16 normal. I was hoping for a bit of insight from the other guilds of which path they're taking. Which heroics should we do after stone guard and feng? I was thinking elegon but maybe spiritbinder is a better choice?
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When we finished those two encounters we went directly to Gara'jal. Some find Elegon slightly easier depending on the individuals in the group, as it calls for certain strengths among your group to be present. The largest issue people will face when first going to either of those encounters is a DPS wall, the enrage timer will be your enemy for a good period of time.

If you look at wow-progress, Gara'jal and Elegon have about the same number of kills, Gara'jal with a slight advantage in number of kills. But some guilds go for Elegon first.

I would suggest Gara'jal, they have nerfed it a bit since we did it but it is still a challenge for the players that are first attempting it, begin by three healing it and see if you have enough dps to do it as such, if not you can take a healer away or have some of your healers dps (Like a Resto druid heart of the wild, disc priest, holy paladin denounce, etc.)

Elegon is pretty similar in mechanics to normal mode, everything is just amplified, along with the new LOS mechanic that is prevalent and causes some variance of issue with the adds.

The complete heroic path we took:

Feng->Stone-guard->Gara'jal->Elegon->Spirit Kings->Blade Lord->Will of the Emperor->Imperial Vizier->Garalon->Windlord->Lei-Shi->Ambershaper->Grand Empress->Protectors->Tsulong-Sha of Fear
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The bastion lives.
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Awesome! thank you so much we're going to try spiritbinder today.
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