<Pirate Fiesta> is an open social/casual guild that has been on Ysera for over a year.

We recruit individuals who wish to experience a friendly and casual guild environment. Our guild interests primarily consist of PvE activities. ie. PvE questing, instances/dungeons, and raiding. Senior members are always open to new players and any questions which they may have for the guild or the game in general.

Interested in raiding with us?
Our raiding hours are considered to be "late night" casual raids*. Please make sure that you will be capable of attending these hours ahead of time. If/when recruited for the raid team a schedule conflict occurs, a means of contacting the GM/Raid leader will be offered.

Times & Days
Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 11:55 pm - 3:00 am (server)

Raid History
4/6 Mogu'shan Vaults - 10 Man Normal

Raid Roster Available Positions
Main tank: x1 [Paladin/Warrior]
Healer: x1 [Paladin/Priest]
Dps: x1 [Rogue/Monk/Mage/Priest]

*casual raids -- as opposed to "hardcore" raiding; we generally do not find ourselves yelling, flaming, "cherwing out" or blaming each other for when we wipe. Our focus is on progression on all levels. Individuals are still held accountable for their roles and knowing the raid mechanics while raiding.

If you are interested in joining us for general/raiding reasons or if one has any further questions regarding our guild; please send me, Azunyan, Paín (alt code 161), Khanzo or Marbaul an in game mail or whisper. One can also find us using the in game "Guild Finder".

As always thank you for your time and consideration! :)
- Harrokiyo [Pirate Fiesta GM]