The Legion is a newly formed level 25 raiding guild looking to be a big force in the 10 man scene. We are a laid back guild that is focused on raid progression, achievements and alts. Many of us have played since BC but took a break and are wanting to get back into the swing of things. So come be a part of the best up and coming guild on the server!

Contact me via battletag Redwolfrain#1406 or post here.

Current Raid Times

Tuesday-Thursday 6-9 pm (PST).

Previous Progression

Wrath - Cleared
Cata - Cleared (Dragonslayer, Firelord, Savior of Azeroth titles)
MoP - 5/6 Mogu-shan, 0/6 Heart of Fear, 0/4 Terrace of Endless Springs

What we are seeking

We need 1 healer with dps os and 1 dps.
Melee - Pally, Rogue or Monk.
Ranged - , Warlock, Shadow Priest.
Healer - Druid, Monk
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