Im having problems lvling up enchanting

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Hey guys, can anyone give me some tips?

I leveled blacksmithing on my main, it was pretty easy, just invest time to fly around and mine nodes.

Decided to do enchanting on my alt 69 warlock..I am leveling him through dungeon finder..

The problem is not getting enough greens to de..its all mostly shards..most recipes require the green items to de..

Right now my enchanting is stuck at lvl 268, everything requires essences and dreamdusts..but my character is in higher lvl dungeons now and that stuff is not still mostly getting shards anyway.

I cannot afford to buy the mats on my server, INSANELY expensive. Also, regular green items to DE go for 500g a pop so that is not option either. What do I do?

Should I dump tailoring/enchanting for mining/bs'ing?

If my only option is to go to lower level instances and grind them myself, its probably quicker to dump tailoring/enchanting and max mining/bs'ing honestly.

But if things get better/easier leveling it up, ill stick with it..but sofar..doing dungeons to level grind, not enough stuff is dropping to level it properly and as quickly as bs/mining.

But looking at all enchanting leveling guides, they all point to an insane number of green items you need to get to de..but the bulk of items you get if you do dungeons to level, are blues.
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Go see Daniel Bartlet in UC. He'll give you a recipe that skills you up to 300 without greater eternals. You should still be d/eing whatever you make with tailoring for mats.
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31 Tauren Paladin
Thank you for the replies.

I have been disenchanting everything I tailor...I have reached the point where, in tailoring, the items I am making are too high level to disenchant now.

enchanting lvl - 268

tailoring lvl - 335

I have disenchanted every single piece of green and blue gear I have come across from dungeon leveling, along with items I've tailored =\

I think leveling through dungeon finder was a bad idea I did not know about for enchanting. That 60-70 level difference I have between tailoring/enchanting is huge, need an insane amount of dusts and essences..I do have about a HUNDRED shards in my bag, but there arent any recipes that use alot of shards? I dont understand...why? =(

The only way I can think of leveling it at this point is to do low level quests since they give plenty of green item rewards? Because buying greens off the auction house go for 100gold+ a pop on my server, Id need like 100,000 gold.
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90 Blood Elf Warlock
Tailor lower level items. Don't tailor only skill ups but you don't need essences to level. You need the recipe I mentioned in Undercity. Only your enchanter can purchase it however as it is BOP. Also try enchant chest major health from everlook. Vendor on the left in the auction house/bank room there.
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31 Tauren Paladin
02/11/2013 06:46 PMPosted by Higeki
Tailor lower level items. Don't tailor only skill ups but you don't need essences to level. You need the recipe I mentioned in Undercity. Only your enchanter can purchase it however as it is BOP. Also try enchant chest major health from everlook. Vendor on the left in the auction house/bank room there

Thanks, will follow your advice, it was very helpful.
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In addition to crafting stuff to DE, also use Auctioneer/Auctionator to find deals on items that will DE for whatever mats you use.
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At 69 you may be able to solo Blackrock Depths. It'll drop plenty of greens to DE. If those green items are not high enough to DE into the dust you need, then you may need to run Lower Blackrock Spire (go right not left) as this is easier than upper.

It'll also drop tons of runecloth. Tailor those into greens you disenchant. Wowhead has stats on what each thing disencahants into, so you can figure out what gives best dust for least runecloth.

As always, watch the dust market on the AH. It can go up and down wildly at times. "Buy low, sell high" Seriously. If the market is unnaturally high, sell. Then replace that stock (and then some) when the price goes back down. I keep a significant reserve of Silkweed, and if it's selling for 60g, I sell my reserve. I replace it when the price falls back to 40.
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You can either farm/buy cloth and level your tailoring, and DE those things you make for mats, or you can use your Blacksmith toon to make stuff and send over to your enchanting toon for DE.
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The main problem with lvling via LFG is that the shards you get from blues get are mostly used for weapon enchants. And being on a PvP server, grinding cloth from open-world mobs will probably be a bit hazardous. Assuming your BS main is 85+ (and I'm guessing 90), just use that toon to farm the Runecloth.

At your enchant skill lvl (since enchanting always tended to lag behind tailoring), I mostly crafted Runecloth Headbands. Between the Illusion Dust and Eternal Essences you'll DE them into, you should be able to get over the 300 hump. And if you decide to farm a bit more cloth than you need, sounds like you should be able to AH the leftovers for some quick cash.

As for where to farm - lvl 60ish vanilla dungeons will net you lots of runecloth and greens for your current enchanting needs. But, Hellfire Ramparts mobs will also drop runecloth as well as the netherweave and BC greens you're going to need after to get over the 300 hump. So you might want to just hoover up cloth/greens from mobs in HP and Ramps.
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Farming random drops is the worst way to level enchanting. The reason it lacks a specific gathering profession is because most of the crafting professions provide materials for enchanting.

Make DE'able items of the appropriate level ranges with your crafting professions. Jewelcrafting is generally the best source of DE fodder, but the armor crafting professions are also good depending on your servers materials prices.

Finally, don't be shy about buying items off of the AH from other crafters, especially on the weekends when they are powerleveling their professions and flooding the market.
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