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We are: A 10-man raiding guild on the Horde side. We're "casual" in the sense that work/family/having a functional social life where you don't weep quietly to yourself during your queue times take priority over raiding, though we do function as a team and thus are not terribly compatible with definitions of "casual" that make that impossible. We do care about clearing the content, we do not throw tantrums because someone's boss/client/family/medical issues/pregnancy/unexpected whirlwind romance/all-expenses paid trip to Swaziland/religious revelation/alien abduction/dog adoption/strange encounter with the owl-people of Nizgor threw our run schedule off.

We are not: Jackasses. We have a pretty tolerant guild culture and we are a lot closer to being refugees from Transmetropolitan than The Sound of Music, but we don't have a tremendous amount of patience for finger-pointing, tantrums, or hassling people for lulz. (We hassle guildmates for LOVE. Or rather out of love, not the creepy kind.)

For raiding purposes: We are suffering from chronic eight-people-itis, though who the eight are can vary. We have for absolute sure room for a tank, preferably with a reasonably geared offspec, a DPS (melee or ranged fine), and potentially a healer. Offspec flexibility a plus in all cases.

We are also drowning in druids. We won't actually turn a druid away, but you will be in lots of leather-clad, fuzzy and feathery company.

We have no regular: death knights of any description, warriors, warlocks, enhancement shamans, retribution or holy paladins, non-DPS monks, or hunters. Yes, no hunters at all. We have no idea how that happened either.

Raid nights are: Monday and Wednesday at 8:45 server. This is potentially subject to change (though we'd love it if it doesn't have to be), but can be guaranteed never to be on Tuesdays, Fridays, or Sundays. (Edited to correct time. It's 6:45 MY time. Darn variable times zones.)

Contact: Jujutan, Thraps, Laedi, or Grimalkins. They can be found breeding angry fowl, building better robots, doing menial tasks for secret weapons facilities, and/or learning lessons about magic and friendship. They're verstatile. Try game mail if no one is available for /t.
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100 Human Warlock
Bump for the nicest raiders I know. :)

If you're looking to raid casually hordeside, Reprisal is a great place to be!
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100 Tauren Paladin
Where is my John Wayne? Where is my prairie song? Where is my happy ending?

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Other than the bar down the road with the cattle-themed name. I mean, I knew about THAT.
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100 Pandaren Hunter
/bump for awesome people :D
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100 Draenei Shaman
So tonight during the weekly Alliance boss run, just as we were gearing up to pull, one of your Warrior tanks charged in and tagged the boss. The Horde group was only a few people, and from what I'm told it's a common thing some of your raiders do to essentially "use" the Alliance for their Nalak kill.

Am I misunderstanding?
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100 Human Warlock
I’m a member of Reprisal (and have done Nalak with them on Wednesday nights) and I’m also a fairly regular member of the alliance Wednesday night world boss PUG group.

Reprisal does a Wednesday night weekly raid that always ends just before 11 pm server, at which point they go and do Mr Nalek. I’ve never heard anyone in Reprisal suggest they use the alliance to help them; they just go and kill him at 11 pm. If our alliance PUG is still forming, while they do so, we just have to wait for the respawn.

If this is an issue our alliance PUG (which forms at 10:30 sever) should just do Nalak first while Reprisal is still doing their raid instance.

Reprisal are a nice bunch of people and I’m happy to be in their guild. Both our PUG and Reprisal just happen to be at the same world boss at the same time every week due to our schedules.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I like what you are saying, are you still recruiting? Not only for raiding but for guildmates? I'm coming back to this character after a break. I also have various other healers, and I might have a tank/dps friend that will tag along as well. Raiding is nice but I'm mainly looking for a friendly, respectful place to call home and make friends to work together with.
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