Looking for new guild, Ele Sham Alliance side

90 Draenei Shaman
UPDATE: am no longer looking at this time, thanks to all who checked in on this post even if you were not interested.

ok so while i am in a guild the guild is dead. leaders got real life stuff happening and just dropped off without leaving the guild with direction, was going to try and gather the raiders myself back in november to do stuff and keep the guild running but my laptop fried and i was unable to really even do dailies till i got a new one at the end of november.

i am slightly behind on gearing but i have completed everything in raid finder and all heroic dungeons (tho some not fully, took a month for gate of setting sun and only got last boss). do have all epics and normal teir legs off Sha of anger. know my class fairly well but can change if someone has tips. i do have resto offspec but i would need to get it geared and work on learning to heal better. i have limited experience with resto because i dont like doing random heroics and healing when my skill and gear for it is lacking unless i know the group and they can understand that a slower pace might be needed.

what im looking for is a semi casual semi hardcore guild. i like progression and i like trying new things and seeing everything but spending 2 hours bashing into a hard mode isnt my idea of fun. note; i dont mind spending time on a normal mode if we are working on it UNLESS we are taking someones alt because they dont want to bring their main or taking someone who is too under geared. as for times i would like to raid, usually no more then 3 days a week (unless its optional, tho the only times i ever missed a raid is if i was dead sick), and prefer times like 630-9pm server but i can consider times around that. early raids can be done but could become a problem with any jobs that come up.

im usually on around midday for now and only for doing LFR and other dailies to reach cap. laid back guilds are great, leveling guilds are fine, but my main interest is getting in and seeing content. i dont mind if you are trying to get the guild running but id prefer it if you are just about ready to start or have already got progression going and just need another raider. im not looking to be a backup player. im also not too picky on the guild style, be it a friends guild, random people, family, etc, though i am hoping the guild will be open and friendly.

if you read that all then you might be a decent guild, im not looking for spam invites to !@#$ guilds. sorry if this seems like a long read but explaining things can help weed out pointless guilds. i have been watching in game on occasion for guilds but only recently got a gear level i am comfortable with for really solid looking. i will update this thread if i get a guild. contact me here or in game and please note i may need a few days to decide or to see if other options come in. this isnt a first come first serve (unless i get contacted by someone i used to raid with that is inviting me).

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90 Human Paladin
Hey omus, when you get online sometime today hit me up and we can chat about you joining my guild, We are in desprate need of an ele shammy and would love to have you join us. we are a small group of raiders and are looking to progress fast threw this content to gear us for the upcoming patch. My main is Epicdarkmage. Send me a pst if you'd like to know more.

Thanks Epic
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