RP Revival Attempt

90 Blood Elf Warrior
Hello SC! A few friends and myself are attempting to find a roleplaying server to bring some new rp blood to and I wanted to see how active this server is, or how receptive y'all might be to some new blood coming over. We haven't decided on what server to come to yet, or even what faction we shall be doing, but I'd like to see what you all think. Would you like some Wyrmrest Accord Roleplayers trying their hand at bringing the RP back, or have most of those interested in RP left the server for good? If you'd be interested in helping us, and want this server to be picked, please let me know. We're hoping to get about 5-10 core people to start new toons together, or even bring in alts or what-have-you to vote on a faction, a theme and create a guild. We will be trying to avoid race specific guild ideas just so we can be open and allowing of all races in case anyone is interested but has a specific race they either won't play, or one they only play.

At the moment we seem to be leaning towards alliance quite heavily, but if there's a lot of Horde interest, we may change our minds to Horde. Like I said, it's still up in the air.

And again, if you all are very anti RP at this point, we can find another server, we do not want to rock the boat and start any drama.
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90 Worgen Priest
My personal interest in RP died with The Burning Crusade, but any attempt at a revival is welcome
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100 Orc Hunter
Most RP here takes place within the context of guilds.

But if you would like to come here and do RP, that's fine. It's been a while since anyone held public RP events. People used to schedule those here.
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70 Pandaren Monk
I would be willing to join in on a guild with one of my characters or creating a new one. I usually go with alliance.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I would love to see more open world RP, personally. All my slots on this server are full of Horde toons, though. My Alliance hang on WrA oddly enough...
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