A couple of questions about making gold.

The maing thing I wanted to know is if it was possible to become a millionaire using just one toon. My idea would be to double-gather levelling up, then double craft at max and use addons and the like to play the AH. Would it be possible to make lots of gold like this, or would you need other toons as well?

Also, I'd like to know if there's a particular race/class that is better at making gold. Perhaps the best farming class, or something like a tauren druid, or maybe even a goblin for the bank access.

Finally, is it better to have a big economy or a small one? I naturally assumed a big one, because you have more buyers and more stuff to buy, but on a small one you have less competition and can probably list things at higher prices.

Thanks in advance.
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That's absolutely viable, and what most people do. While switching professions can get expensive, starting from 0 on crafting professions is even harder. In Mists, until about a week and a half ago, I only had 1 90, and I still have only 1 character with professions above 525. I've gone from about 120K gold to 270K gold so far in Mists, and I've barely tried to make gold (lol, LW and Alch as my professions), and I've spent a lot of unnecessary gold.

There's no race/class that's best, honestly. Maybe tauren druid for the herbalist bonuses, but that's about it. Especially now that farming instances isn't very good for cash anymore.

Personally, I'd pick a medium-sized economy if I had to pick one. Less competition, but more active AH. It's what I've always worked with and it works great for me.
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Yes you absolutely can gold cap with a single character. It doesn't even have to be a crafter. I've made somewhere around 1.5 mil in the last year just selling green transmog items.

Your idea sounds reasonable. Gathering while leveling is certainly a good idea. Personally, if gold is currently an issue for you, I would select gatherers that will help you skill up whatever trades you plan to use at max level, and sell the excess to fund your flying and soforth.

As for server, I prefer larger because that increase in customer base allows you to venture into more markets. For example, transmog is rarely worthwhile (with a few exceptions) on small servers because you have so few people to sell to. Likewise twinking items. What you really want to look at in a server you're planning to play on is both size and competition. A small server with somebody really dedicated to the AH will be problematic. It isn't so bad on larger servers due to being able to sell more volume.

Check TUJ or Wowuction and see what the crafting market looks like on a server you're thinking of rolling on. Find a med-large pop and go for it.
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I've made 134,000 gold since early November (I got MoP in mid-December), basically with one character on a medium-to-low-population realm. (Like, it started off as medium, and now it's low.) So it can be done, though it might be time-consuming.

Finally, is it better to have a big economy or a small one? I naturally assumed a big one, because you have more buyers and more stuff to buy, but on a small one you have less competition and can probably list things at higher prices.

I think it depends on whether you want to sell ordinary or specialty items. With ordinary items, you're probably better off on a lower-population realm, because there are fewer people undercutting you, so you can spend more time as the lowest seller. I sell a lot of glyphs this way.

For speciality items, you want a bigger server, because those items have fewer buyers. I have an advantage with glyph-selling, but I have trouble finding people to buy my 20-25,000 gold Darkmoon relics.

Another thing to consider is that selling ordinary stuff is a lot more time-consuming. It doesn't take much time every day to make a Darkmoon card, but canceling and re-posting all your glyph auctions can be tedious.
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As in RL, millionaires typically do not farm anything. Crafting in multiple professions is common, or simply dominating certain resale markets.
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