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90 Human Paladin
P A R A M O U N T is a level 25 guild that's been around since December 2006. We are a low-drama, casual raiding guild. We are currently looking for an experienced, well-geared players for our 25-man team. Our current 25-man raid schedule is Wednesday and Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00 server.

While our guild is open to anyone who wishes to join, our raid spots are only available for experienced players who do not need help with gear or fights explained. We have a specific need for dps of any class or spec, and we also have room for healers of any class.

There is a more detailed description of our guild and raiding philosophy below.
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90 Worgen Death Knight
I am a potential transfer to this realm. I have 6/6, 2/6(With attemps on Garalon) and 1/4 exp. which is a 10/25man mix.

Can you tell me about the guild feel/atmosphere and what you are looking for in recruits?
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90 Human Paladin
Our guild was formed in December 2006, so we're essentially as old as the server. While people have come and gone over the years, the core membership has remained the same. This gives us a degree of stability that few guilds have. It's hard to classify us using traditional guild terms. All but one or two members are over 21, most of us work. We joke a lot, but we're not silly. We don't tolerate people acting out, and you won't see us trolling chat. If you're looking for a comfortable place to belong, we're you're guild.

We're a casual raiding guild. That said, we do all we can to progress. The speed of our success has varied from tier to tier, but we're ususally in the top 10-15 progression on Korial.

Historically, we have raided with 2 10-man teams. This expansion we are trying something new by raiding two nights per week with a 25-man team. We made this change before the buffs to 5.2 25-man raids was announced, and we're excited that we have a team in place to take advantage of the increased drops. We have also been raiding a 3d night using a 10-man team to try to push progression a bit.

Like any guild, we are looking for players who raid at their potential. We expect everyone to research their class, know their optimal reforges, gems, and enchants. All the usual things. Of course knowing these doesn't always mean good performance, so at the end of the day, it's about staying out of fire and putting up good numbers. Most of our current raiders meet that threshhold.

Like you, we're currently 6/6, 2/6, working on Garalon with our 10-man team. As I said originally, we're looking for several more quality dps, and at least one more healer. Currently, we have no restrictions on dps or healing classes.

If you transfer, you can find us by /who "p a r a".
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90 Human Paladin
/bump for tankage and guild progress.
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90 Human Paladin
Bump for 5.2
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Do you guys remember a terrible Draenei Ret paladin back in BC named Legendary.

That was me. 4 or 5 Years ago and I still remember my first Kara run was with you guys.

Whether you remember me or not it's good to see you guys still playing.

GL with recruiting.
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36 Gnome Priest
Holy hell, Legendary? I've not seen you in a grip.

Prolly don't remember me:
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