Gold Site Scams.


90 Human Paladin
Hey just letting you guys know that there is some fraudulent gold sites that exist. Today i tried to sell my gold over 400k for a cash some to be paid through paypal to me. However after they received the gold they cancelled they paypal transaction leaving me with nothing.

I've sent a ticket and hopefully will get my gold back. But let this serve as a warning to you all
90 Troll Shaman
lol, hhahaha.
90 Draenei Shaman
Are you trying to get yourself banned?
MVP - World of Warcraft
100 Gnome Warrior
A ticket? For trying to sell gold?

FYI, this is not something you wish to post on the forums. You cannot sell gold. Blizzard does not approve.
100 Human Warlock
Someone really needs to post that facepalm image in here lol
100 Blood Elf Warlock
Uh... buh... fuh... kuh wuh muh huh luh?!
80 Gnome Rogue
02/12/2013 05:27 PMPosted by Crepe
A ticket? For trying to sell gold?

If this is on the level, I'd love it if people doing such things were always dopey enough to put in a ticket complaining that they were 'ripped off'. Might help clean up the game a bit.
90 Dwarf Hunter
02/12/2013 05:27 PMPosted by Lethalock
Someone really needs to post that facepalm image in here lol
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Going to leave this here...The Consequences of Buying (or selling) Gold.
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