H <The Angels Mafia> is a brand new guild that will be focused on casual progression through endgame content! Looking for a new home? New to Raiding? Experienced at raiding? We are currently accepting all roles and classes! Raid schedule is still pending as we are still building our core group base.

Coming from experience playing WOW the past five years, I am looking to experience all the new endgame content, while having a blast and making new friends along the way. I currently have experience in the current content and am willing to help and explain the fights.

While the guild's goal will be progression, we will be planning regular runs through old content for transmogs and achievements as well as PVP for those interested in that experience!

We also accept ALL players. We are a very new guild and are looking to rapidly expand! Hit me up in-game or for details or add me @ Valdeaze#1130 for additional details of the guild and hope to chat with you soon!!

-- Val