The best of LFR & the worst of LFR

90 Pandaren Monk
So far I've run three of my LFR for this week and had the best and worst runs.

Run 1 was the best! I went to the guardians of mogu'shan and got my final sigil of power! (with 19 sigils of wisdom...) With all the rep requirements already met, I've progressed through all of the next steps up to 6k valor.

Run 1 was the worst! My co-tank took the shield on Feng, didn't use it or taunt off of me so I solo tanked through every lightning lash, flaming spear, and arcane shock... I didn't know the debuffs could stack so high. Then he afked right after the pull on Garaj'al so the voodoo doll kept switching between me and whichever dps happened to be on top...

Run 2 was the best! Next up ToES. I zone in to Tsulong and he drops the sha-touched staff! There goes in my legendary gem right away!

Run 2 was the worst! My co-tank on Sha of Fear decided they didn't like to go to the sub-bosses, and kept dropping threat just before the boss sent new people over there so I went to all but one of the mini-bosses. I tried to force him to go once by waiting to pick up the boss after I got back... when the timer ran out he backed away until a dps was at the front and was sent across as the "tank" for the mini-boss. Is this kind of trolling normal?

Run 3 was the best! I finally got a tier piece (hands) for my tank set.

Run 3 was the worst! On the Empress, a vortex explosion occurred just as I taunted off the other tank at 4 stacks. The healers were distracted by raid damage I guess, but after the taunt I didn't get any healing for three boss swings and died. The boss switched back to the other tank who got a 5th stack and transformed. With both tanks down, we managed to recover and finish the boss after getting some quick brezzes but the whole rest of the fight the other tank kept chatting in raid about how awful a tank I was for not taunting and letting him get transformed. I checked skada after the fight and my death log only shows the DK tank's healing on me for the 7 seconds leading up to my death. I don't know if it was on purpose or not, but he kept just taunting on the stacks and then doing the bare minimum of his rotation so that my threat kept getting up to 90%+ish or so and I'd have to back off... I suspect he was trying to make me out-threat him and get a fifth stack myself. How about this kind of trolling?

So... three runs, three drops (two legendary and one tier), three trolling co-tanks... time for my next queue.
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90 Draenei Warrior
Have fun Mr. Panda :3
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90 Pandaren Monk
The worst LFR is any of them that I join. I don't know how people settle for LFR and call it raiding. Ugh.
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