Horde on Dath'Remar is Dying

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It's exactly the attitude of idiots worrying about realm firsts and thinking they're hotter than they look that's put so many servers (not just Dath) into these situations in the first place.

I can think of several guilds and a few dozen people over the last year or so who have told me about how 'hardcore' they are, flapping on vent about it and subsequently buggering off to Frosty. A month or so later, they're back (very quietly mind you) and it's never spoken of again. Usually, their backside is being carried on the silver platter that it was handed to them on.

There is a wide range of issues and a wide range of solutions. I liken it to osmosis and at the moment we have some seriously bloated cells sitting over at Barth and Frosty and even starting to get some fatties at Aman and Jub. Blizzard *should* be acting as the cell wall shouting *you shall not pass!* once the other side is full.
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Not everything is about server firsts FFS.

I agree with Lumenactio, I mean not everything is about Server Firsts etc.

As for a stable 10 and 25mans. I have seen so many "New" Guilds looking for raiders, Yet they are recruiting for weeks trying to take whatever they can. And Like what Aislinge said about their God Throne. A GM shouldn't be a 'idiot' so to speak, and if they would like to raid then sure try and find another guild in the same position as you. Right now, the guild I'm in is looking for raiders but we have no luck recruiting wise and may/may not merge or server transfer. Dark Times lay ahead for Dath, Dark Times.
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We should have something like one free realm transfer a month.
This will lead to some realms just dyeing off completely and create other problems, but whats the alternative? What we have now?

I know a few players that have given up playing wow because their realm is dead. Yes you can pay the $25 to change realm and no its not that much. But why should you? This should be included in the monthly sub. I think many people feel indignant at having to pay for what they perceive as a game developers problem and ultimately just quit. Adding to the problem!

This is killing Dath' Remar and many realms in Wow. If it continues to just be ignored this may well end up being the "Wow killer"

I still love the game and have played on and off since 2007 but it seems a great shame to have all the great new content and not many to share it with.
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Guess everyone missed my point.

My point is even if you prohibited new guilds from being created and forced a merge, there are no raiders left on Dath'Remar.

Further, there is a glass ceiling in that normal raids are much more difficult then in the past and consequently more is expected from a raider. What was a good raider in the previous xpac is now not good enough for the difficulty of the "normal" content.
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Heh, Bullocks.
Well...mostly a load of bullocks.
Yes, lots of Dath's raiders have moved on, some to other realms, some have left the game, but quite a few still around - many of them no longer keen to "progression" raid and merely happy with some casual wow funz.

This is nothing new. Started several years ago...the problem is perhaps less "new blood" is finding and enjoying the game.

And for the people QQ'ing about new guilds starting up all the time and thinking it is an Ego thing to be a GM - some of these people simply couldnt get into the higher level raid guilds, or wished to raid on 'unusual' nights/timings. Some insist on raiding with three or four of their mates and no other guild could accommodate all 3/4/5 of them.

There is still a reasonable number of skilled players (and i dont mean server first HC types), just convincing them to participate in regular raiding again is difficult....it just seems so many people are jaded by the machine??

Anyway, back to Thread topic...yes...it really does look like Horde are in trouble on Dath - numbers wise :(
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