Any Horde PVP types still lurking around?

Good day! I understand that this server is limited to say the least in remaining Horde PVP players. However, I would like to get the ball rolling if there are any of you out there to organize a bit.

A bit about me: I am just returning after a long break but have been on this server since the Vanilla days. Back then I played to Rank 11 with the dedicated PVP crowd. Like many of you, I burned out a bit on BGs and switched to Arena when they became available. I've played over 2200s on my Rogue {Ginxx-Terenas/Lightbringer} and a little under that with my Shaman {also played 2400s 5's but the team could've won even without me}. As I only played Elemental in Arena briefly, I feel I could have played up to about the 2300s without issues given a bit more time to learn the class. While I feel I fall short of Gladiator skill and dedication {without surrounding myself with current Gladiators}, I do consider myself competent and very easy to play with. I've qualified for Duelist many times but always drop the team before seasons end. Also, I haven't completely let myself go while on break. I spent time in SWTOR PVP and Guild Wars 2 PVP.

What I'm looking for: Anyone who has been hiding out waiting for the chance to come back for some organized PVP. If you need to level up, that's fine {I'm doing the same}. If you're super rusty, that's fine. Good players can always learn their class over and hopefully learn the changes in other classes. While I would really like to see some players with some history of success in either Arena or BGs, I'm well aware that there are great players out there who just haven't had the chance to get their feet wet. With enough people, we can make gearing up much faster and learn to play together while doing it.

Thanks in advance for reading!
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90 Human Rogue
Step 1. Come Ally
Step 2. Go Resto
Step 3. Bring a warlock
Step 4. Enjoy your mount
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Hey fella! It's been a long time. Hope all is well. I may have no choice but to switch servers and/or factions it seems. I would really love to represent the Horde side but it's a ghost town over here. Before I make any drastic decisions I'll find you in game. /Frostshock!
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18 Night Elf Druid
Lol honestly bobblehead is a BC glad, currently he plays at the level of an 1800 rogue in s11. He's an rbg hero so maybe he'll get t2 and you guys can push rival next season.
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90 Human Rogue
Awesome! i'm getting credit for being 1800!!! instead of the 0 i currently am
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