*Server-wide "Olympic" Event*

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Greetings all.
If you will, allow me to take a moment to express my thoughts of an idea I had with a couple of my guildies a few months ago about a server-based event whereby we have all or any participating guilds take part in a series of categorized events to reach the goal of winning a wide variety of prizes.

Now the concept or rather organization of events is not set in stone, nor has it been discussed. Here is what I'm asking. If possible, I would love to be able to have a sit down with all participating guild GMs. Reason is I can't do this alone and what is the sense of making this a "server event" if only one person knows about it. Ya know?

So anyway, I would like to sit down and talk either via Vent or Mumble or even the rarely used in-game voice chat if needed to have a large conference with the GMs to discuss the different events, prizes, functionality of the entire project, and even who will be representing the guilds; depending on the route we take in development.

Now you may ask why am I, some random person on the server, coming up with this idea out of the blue? It's simply this...entertainment and fun. That's it. That's all there is to it. Gives the server something to push for as a whole to allow for an alternate motive to log on and take part in such things. Lately things have seemed very dismal and perhaps we can expand on this idea to give us all the boost we need.

Hell, who knows, maybe even get Blizz to give the server some time in the spotlight, especially if they see a large impact or collaboration rather from the community.

So this is what I give to you all. If I could have the GMs contact me whenever possible, I would love to begin brainstorming on this.
Granted, this may not be the most intriguing or exciting idea, but it's something for the community to take part in and I think we could all use that about now.

Be well everyone.
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Sounds fun!
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Yeah I was just browsing through this and it may have caught in in like Vanilla...

Unfortunately there are only 4000 active players left on Shadowmoon, and of those 4000 players about 200 actually look at these forums... and of those 200 people you might get one or two who are willing to put in any effort for something like this.

It'd be really cool, but I don't think this is the server you want to try it on. Sad as it is, Shadowmoon is dying/dead.
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70 Human Priest

This says there are over 73k toons on Shadowmoon. How or where do you get the data that only 4k are playing. That is a LOT of alts...
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(Funny, I was just looking at that website the other day lol)

Shadowmoon is still classified as a medium pop server, so there are definitely more than 4k playing, but 73k is a total sum of inactive and active players, as is mentioned on the website. Either way, this server is far from dead, trust me, I have been on DEAD servers, but it's not as living as it used to be either.
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90 Tauren Warrior
Hmm its not dead but isn't living either then its THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE RUN FOR UR LIVES!!! AHHH MOO AHHH
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Wait wait wait.... this game has ingame voice chat? Are you for serious?
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