<InsanitY> of Thaurissan is seeking a mature, capable, addition to our core raiding team. We're currently seeking an exceptional DPS (preference given to melee, or anyone with a viable healing offset). Exceptional applicants for other roles will also be considered.

We look for players who can play to their strengths and take advice on their weaknesses to always be improving, in order to do this this effectively we must ask that you be mature and drama-free. We aren't looking to spice up our lives, simply recruiting to add additional core stability so that we can continue to steam roll content as its released. Players who apply should be able to raid the 3 nights, have their toon raid-ready and be willing to show some class and/or mechanics knowledge. Prior raiding experience is not required, but favoured.

Our current raid schedule is:
Wednesday, Thursday, Monday @ 8:30PM - 11:30PM Server time (If we clear current tier content, then we try alt runs/previous tier meta achievements).

A bit of InsanitY history (Further reading)
InsanitY is an Oceanic based guild with the majority of its player base coming from Australia. Most of the raiding core got acquainted in <Blowing My Cooldowns>, the guild officers leaving or taking a break from WoW prior to 5.2 led us to all join the then casual <InsanitY> and revive their raid team. <InsanitY> has seen content from the last three expansions and the legacy now continues with us! Prior to 5.2 we're looking to add to our raid team and continue to clear and prepare for the new content.

For further information head to our website http://www.insanity-guild.com. We also enjoy hearing from potential applicants in-game, if you have any questions and our forums don't answer them, feel free to contact any of the following officers: Belphie, Dashaminator or Cazzore