The Shadowflame Society is looking for RP members only, specifically warlocks. Shadowflame Society is a school and scholarly society for warlocks to experiment, research, teach and learn.

Shadowflame Society is strictly a warlock guild; There will be no exceptions to any other class for entry into the guild. All races that can be warlocks are accepted. We require all slots to be filled, including teaching positions and general associates of high rank. These higher ranking positions come with some responsibility, such as planning and carrying out RP.

The Guild Bank is off limits to members of any rank. I created this guild originally for my personal bank, and decided to run RP with it if anyone had interest in participating. Thus, the bank is still mine. Apologies if you had plans to use it..

We accept all levels, but would prefer if you want a high ranking position, that you get to at least level 60. Members may rank up to these higher levels through RP participation, and progression of their character.

"How do I go about getting acquainted with the society?"

The Society usually are outside of the public cities, in Felwood at Shadow Hold.
Severan Nefaria is a known warlock in Silvermoon City, one might hear word of mouth about the society. One must send an introduction letter to Severan (Severand) in order to be considered for their membership. They will be sent a response with the location and time of an IC meeting, before being accepted into the Society.

The meeting will consist of a few basic questions about their intent of the Society, what sort of position they hope to achieve and maintain. (Student, associate, teacher.) Their upbringing, and why they chose to learn the darker arts over the betterment ones. Once they are accepted, they will be given a 'mentor' to refer to. Whether it's a teacher for the students, or a higher ranking associate for a member.

If you want or have more than one warlock alt in the guild, that character will start at a bottom rank and work their way up just as your first. (Unless of course, you are looking for a higher rank to start for one of your characters. Depending on what we need at that time.)

If you're looking for RP, you'll find it in Shadowflame Society, Sentinels.