Council is looking for progression raiders. We still need one more permanent ranged dps and another heal for our Heroic progression raid team on Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sat (plus sometimes on Sun or Mon). Raids start between 8-9 pm server and end 12-1 (depending on the day) ability to attend at least three nights a week of our schedule is a must. Flexibility beyond that is a plus. We’re looking for positive attitude (even thru wipes), group mentality, and timeliness. Strong prep work (grabbing pots, flasks, repairing before raid & looking up boss fights on your own) will be required as well.

Applicants for these spots post here or contact myself on Mythrius/Mythaeris or my raid assist Soulzchaos/Souldarknezz in game.

We’re also recruiting for our third progression raid team and in general as well. CoT is a fun loving group of mature individuals. Most of us are 20-50 have families, jobs, college, or spouses. We don’t want trolls or drama in guild (both of which we have very little tolerance for). We mainly do Raiding, Dungeons, Leveling, and Achieves.