[H] Selling Heroic Will/Empress/Sha Mount!

90 Tauren Death Knight
As some of you know we completed all of this tiers bosses on heroic last night. This unlocks a new mount from the guild vendor Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent here's a screenshot of the mount: http://i.imgur.com/fDkywti.jpg

We're trading our hours and hours of wipes to get the mount for gold! We'll be selling guild invites for players interested in purchasing the mount from the vendor.

What You'll Need
    5,000g for a guild invite
    2,800g for the mount
    Exalted Order of the Cloud Serpent

You will also need to reach exalted with our guild, which should not take too long. I've been told you can buy the mount on an alt that doesn't have order of the cloud serpent riding and will be able to use it on your main character with order of the cloud serpent riding. We'll keep every player interested in guild until you have the mount but you should be shooting to be exalted within a couple of weeks.

We'll probably be transferring the guild off of this server when 5.2 hits and it will be awhile before any other guild is able to get this guild achievement so this is going to be a limited time offer.

Message me in game with any questions or for an invite!
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90 Human Priest
Alas you can't learn the mount on a character that does not have the Cloud Serpent flying skill. Kind of a shame too, cause I'd be interested in getting it with my lowbie horde mage.

But hey, bump for a surprisingly reasonable price. And grats on the kill.
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90 Tauren Death Knight
Alas, you can! We just tested it out with a character that was honored with the Cloud Serpents. He was able to purchase the mount from the guild vendor and put it in his mount journal for his main to use. I'm guessing that the character that you buy the mount on will at least need flying and should be 85+ just to make the guild rep grind as fast as possible.

Edit: We also have the Thundering Serpent Hatchling available from our guild vender!
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