[A]<Sleep Walkers>14/16 MoP, 7PM & 10PM Raids

100 Gnome Warlock
Sleep Walkers> Alliance

We are currently recruiting for the close of 5.0 and upcoming 5.2 for limited openings for immediate placement into our active rotation. We do not recruit for the bench. In-game contacts: Rumlidorgah (GM), Kregwor (Recruitment) - officers. Burning Holes raid leaders - Begosa & Eliitz, Brown Aspect raid leader - Barghast, Early Bird lead - Diviine. PvP lead - DMSkippy.

10PM-1AM EST Raids
7PM-10PM EST Early Bird Special
Modified EPGP loot distribution

We are presently 14/16 in the MoP Starter Pack Raids™

10man teams & needs:
Burning Holes: Sat/Sun, 1030P-130P (5-6hrs/week):
2 Healer - Druid, Monk, Shaman - full priests, pallies.
2 Ranged DPS - Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Warlock - full priests.
2 Melee DPS - Druid, Monk, Rogue, Shaman preferred.

Aspect of the Brown Flight: Tues/Thur/Mon, 10P-1A (9hrs/week):
DPS - rogue, monk, druid.

Early Bird team (not everyone can stay up all night): Sun/Mon, 7P-10P (6hrs/week):
DPS - shaman, elemental preferred, heal offset a bonus!

Mission Statement:
"To maintain a consistent, professional and competitive raiding team for the late night WoW raider. To create a strong bond between teammates in order to cultivate a challenging, friendly, drama free dependence upon each other for laughs, personal improvement and accountability. And to compete with ourselves, always striving to improve while demonstrating that real life balance, not server firsts, will always be our priority."

Sleep Walkers is a guild composed of like minded, mature, late night gamers located on the Kargath server. We have an active community of raiders and PvPers, achievement hogs, and alt-o-holics. Many players in our guild have real life obligations that prevent us from playing during peak times, such as work, school, spouses, children, grandchildren and parents. Real life is always considered more important than WoW. However, we still take our time seriously when we do play.

Our raid times are 10PM to 1AM EST, with strong emphasis on starting and ending on time. We currently run three 10 man groups. The Aspect of the Brown Flight are a "casual but focused" team which runs three nights a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Monday for 9 hours total. The Burning Holes offer a low calorie, relaxed raid environment and run weekends. The Early Bird team are the grandpaws and maws of the Guild and start early (for us) at 700P to take advantage of the deeply discounted buffets and drink specials in Azeroth.

We take our raiding and PVP time seriously, and all we ask is the same of our applicants and guild members. Feasts will be provided during raids. Please be appropriately prepared and geared for current content. If you are someone who likes to raid or PVP and are looking for a consistent schedule that allows you to spend time with your family, then feel free to put in an application to Sleep Walkers at:

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94 Worgen Warrior
Thumbs up and bump for a good group of peeps.
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90 Pandaren Monk
Bump. Good group Of players !!!
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100 Gnome Warlock
I've got a massive headache and updated Burning Holes list...
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90 Draenei Shaman
could you guys use a shammy? I just recently got back into the game after suffering burnout and I'm looking for a new guild. I'm not looking to immediately be put in the team, cause my gear is !@#$ right now, but I'm capable and planning on working on it. and I've gotten my hands on more spare time these days.
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