Best alliance race holy priest?

86 Blood Elf Mage
I was wondering if someone could "rate" the best race for holy priest? I have been searching around and haven't really found a true answer. (PVE)
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90 Gnome Monk
t6 looks amazing on my female gnome priest :D
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90 Night Elf Druid
Probably Human, Panda
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90 Draenei Shaman
For pure PvE best racials, ignoring looks

1. Human - 3% Spirit outscales Pandaren racial at 10,000 SPI (i.e. you will surpass that with basic gear). Every Man for Himself is excellent on some PvE mechanics and great if you ever want to PvP.

2. Pandaren - Gives 300 Spirit or INT. The ability to choose which is fairly nice. Gives nothing if you aren't food buffed.

3. Worgen - Crit isn't a great stat, but 1% free crit is decent. Worgen Sprint can be very nice in some PvE encounters.

4. Gnome - 5% increased mana pool isn't as good as it was pre-MoP with static mana pools, but it still means 5% more mana from Shadowfiend/Mindbender and Hymn of Hope. That makes it worth somewhere around 150 mp5.

5. Dwarf - 10% damage reduction personal cooldown is decent for a spec that is lacking in survivability CDs.

6. Draenei - Hit is completely useless now that all healers have passive hit cap on spells. Gift of the Naaru is a very minor heal that can be macroed with a healthstone or used on a tank, but it's very slow ticking and fairly weak.

6. Night Elf - Does not really offer anything relevant for PvE unless you consider the ability to Shadowmeld and sometimes save repair bills.
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90 Human Priest

the only alliance race that's actually worth something.
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100 Draenei Priest
Draenei have tails, so I think there's a pretty clear answer here.
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100 Human Hunter
Well done and very helpful. Thank you.
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100 Human Hunter
Well done and very helpful. Thank you.
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100 Gnome Priest
Escape artist is pretty awesome with feathers. I can peel away from nodes in rbg's pretty quick.
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100 Human Priest
this is a necroed thread, but keep in mind almost every racial will be changing in some way for the next expansion.
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