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90 Worgen Druid
Hi all,

After guild disbanded I'm fast getting bored doing nothing, so I am looking for a new guild.

Would like to raid again, but due to RL commitments, I can't raid Monday and Thursday nights, so will take what I can get.

I have a fairly solid raid history, raiding in Oceanic top 10 guilds. That said I work and have a real life now, so not as commited to the cause as I once was.

I have a 490 ilvl blood DK or 470 Balance Druid. I have cleared end game content on both and just as happy to play either.
Druid will take some gearing, but can't promise anything to be done quickly as I only have a 3 hour window at most on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Being a DPS in random Queues = stuff all done.

I'm not fussed about being a bench player, as work dictates my availability, it should not dictate raid times, days, etc.

I am just as happy to chill in a larger social guild, running old school instances and general chat.

Thanks for reading.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Hi Ruan,

Not sure if you would consider a realm change? But if you do, pls keep us in mind :)

We have a bunch of experienced raiders who have been playing together for a very long time - Active people that are online besides raid times and alot of joking around in guildchat/vent. We have regular guild lotteries, with fantastic prizes.. eg: - Brawlers Guild invites, Sandstone Drakes, Mechano-Hogs & more. We all love 'old school raiding' too and if you need Rep/Transmog or Achies, we have a weekly "Bucket List Raid" event, where you get to pick the raid/dungeon/bg etc.

We are all about Maximum fun, have a distinct lack of guild drama, the all-important tabard and full bank tabs, Vent server, and hilarity and hijinks (which usually comes with epics on the side – warning: injury and repair bills may result… at least the repair bills are paid for)! We are an open and accepting community of mature players; all we ask is that you act with maturity, integrity, and responsibility.

Our Horde side Guild *Victorious Secrets* (http://www.victorioussecret.enjin.com/) raid weekend mornings at 11am server, for approx 3 hours. Here on Alliance side our Guild *Double Agent* (www.http://doubleagent.corplaunch.com) raids 5pm-8pm ea Sat & Sun.

Best of luck in finding your new guildy home.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
[Raiders of the Lost Ark] - a social Lvl 25 Guild that likes Raiding. Members enjoy Guild Perks, 3-man Heroic Scenarios, 5-man randoms, Raids (MoP, DS 8/8 & Old School), enchants & gems. Looking for mature new members of all lvls that enjoy hanging out with a good group of ppl.

We currently raid on Wednesday and will wait until we get some more regular raiders before deciding the 2nd night.

We are NOT Hard Core but we ARE progressive. We'll help you with your spec, gems, enchants and crafting of gear. All we ask in return is you show up on time and ready to raid. We drop Flasks and Food buffs each raid and raiders gets Guild Repairs on raid night.

Add me to your RealID list (Battle Tag: Fredgalielin#6654) with the note: Guild Recruit. Any member can invite.seeking MATURE members. This is NOT kindergarten. We're mature but fun. If you think 50 fart jokes is "where it's at", please don't apply.

I've always considered the guild to be a safe haven in a really bad world. Come in, sit back, relax, talk to some people, find some guildies to do a run with. Have fun. This is a game, after all...

We also have Old School Raids on Saturday, where we take a handful of people and run BT, Onyxia, ICC, etc.
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100 Dwarf Paladin
Hi There, maybe look up blade runners on Cael. We have a core raid team that run on Wed, Friday and Sunday, and i have recently put together a second team to raid on Thursday and Monday nights at 625pm ST. Pst in game for more information. We are always looking for more raiders.
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