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How can I find out how many active players are on and what time do you all play? Lately I've logged on and I'm the only one in it. And that's sorta scary... I felt like that movie with will smith where he was the only one alive. I think it was called "I am legend".
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85 Tauren Druid
Eldre'Thalas claims a medium population, but with much of that being Alliance the server population (from the Horde perspective) is effectively non-existent to low. I don't know the exact numbers.

Not able to bear the low pop, horrible server economy, icky latency, sparse pug raids and an assortment of other annoying qualities about this server, I left and found a new and better server: Thrall.

I can't say enough good things about the Thrall server. The economy is excellent, there's tonnes of Hordies, lots of pug raids, fairly friendly people in general, lower latency (for me in Nova Scotia), an OK amount of world pvp and you'll never feel alone.
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This site gives you the number of characters, and you can sort it by level, so finding out how many max-level characters are on a server is usually a good indication of the realm's population.

There's about 5000 alliance 90s, and 2800 horde 90s which is about a 64/36 split, respectively.

For comparison, Illidan (a very high-pop realm) has about 24,000 90s.
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horde side is a ghost town here. I eventually got tired of it and rerolled on a higher pop server. i only come over here for friends now. I know this isnt really helpful but thought i'd give my two cents on the matter.
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i was on Elder'Thalas for a long time, I was on the Alliance side at ET, this server is very dead. I switched over to Kil;Jaeden and started up a guild called Lok'TarOgar.

I reccomend you guys to switch over to Kil'Jaeden. This is a very High Population PVP server.

Feel free to do some research and look, take a look at the Kil'Jaeden forums for yourself
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No like i said this server won't die until i am gone!
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I like medium/high population servers. However, I dislike it when it is WAY too crowded and when I'm lagging due to high population. I did a test and eldre thalas and arthas pvp both give me the same FPS. I think arthas is the way to go. It has friendly people and it is very quick to get into a dungeon.
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Never was on ET horde except for lowbie alts but even ally is horrible with so few people. KJ is where i headed to and i would never look back. Both horde and alliance are both healthy populations. Lots of good pugs. Very nice economy. Only thing is that it is a PVP server so carebare babes might have issues with that though honestly world pvp mostly comes up if you go looking for it. I highly recommend Kiljaeden for anyone looking to enjoy the game again. As for it being a "high pop and laggy". Never had lag except for during city raids and even then it is not that bad. Last time we had a que was with this last xpac for a month. Otherwise it is fine. Should give it a chance. You will never be so happy as when you leave ET. That realm crushes your soul and being loyal to a fake computer server will stop you from finding a healthy population of happy players.
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You don't even have to move to a populated server to be happy, my server is less populated than ET but my guild is all I need to have fun in this game. I prefer a low pop server anyways, knowing everyone who is good and who isn't was something I missed about leaving ET and something I am starting to figure out over here. Whats important is that you are moving to something, not away from something. Make sure you know where you are headed and why.
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