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Good Afternoon!

I am a retuning player of Word of Warcraft. I played from Vanilla through to Cata. Shortly after Cata I took a break as college and work were demanding to much of my time. I have decided to return to World of Warcraft and enjoy it on a more casual note. I used to play a very hardcore lifestyle before, raiding everything from Molten Core to Heroic Lich king, and everything in the middle. I did that raiding as a Hunter main throughout my World Of Warcraft Raiding Career.

I have always enjoyed playing a healer regardless of my many years and experience playing a Hunter. I have decided I would like to make my new main a Healer. Since it has been quite some time since I have played, I am not up to date on changes and styles.

I would like to hear some suggestions for a strong healer, in regards to PVE/End game. With a Scroll of Resurrection I will be able to get an instant level 80, so leveling is not a contributing factor.

Would anyone be helpful enough to give me some advice and recommendations for a strong end game PVE healer. When I reach level 90, I would like to have a relatively easy time finding a casual raiding guild and be able to keep up (with equal gear).

I appreciate your time and hope everyone has a good Saturday and great weekend.
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90 Troll Priest
Welcome back to the game -

It really depends what kind of playstyle you want...

Disc Priest - Used to mitigate, or negate / absorb damage instead of having crazy throughput after damage occurs, they are preemptive healers. During down time, we use smite, holy fire, and penance to 'atonement' heal - or use the damage done to the target, to cause healing to nearby low hp targets.

Holy Priest - Healing Over Time based healer who can quickly switch between decently strong tank heals, to AOE healing through their mastery healing.

Resto Shamans - Kind of in a weird spot atm, relies more on totems and cooldowns. Decent at AOE healing if people are in a certain range of each other. (+ you get ascendance, snipe healing, gogo.)

Holy Paladins - For AOE damage has a castable spell that relies on people to be in a certain range to hit them all and applies a HOT, also has a large radius healing spell for AOE. Good at healing more than one tank. Beacon of Light provides healing done to another target to be copied to the person with beacon on them.

Mistweaver Monk
- Interesting to say the least, relies largely on their HoT, Renewing Mist - for large AOE, all targets with this hot can benefit when the monk casts uplift, which is big AOE burst ONLY ON THOSE WITH THE HOT. Also does decent damage that can heal much like a disc priest if in melee range.

Resto Druid - Kings of HOT's, stabilizes the raid group instead of snipe healing. During AOE healing can be somewhat weak, but it's situational.

It really depends what you like to play. But you asked for the list of strongest to weakest...

1. Disc Priest
2. Holy Paladin
3. Mistweaver Monk
4. Resto Shaman
5. Resto Druid

(Of course it will change based on Comp and raid size).

I prefer disc as I have played this character since the day WoW released, and I love to heal. Disc is especially fun to me. Dink around with it, go watch some videos, and profit.

Hope this helped.
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Thank you for the timely response.

I was leaning towards Disc Priest myself. As I like that play style myself, plus the ability to play a second healing spec (holy if needed).
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Disc is getting a decently large workover in 5.2 compared to 5.1. Nothing horribly drastic (at this point, earlier changes on the ptr were quite heavy-handed), but enough to change their overall strength and skill level required (lower strength, higher skill level).
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90 Troll Shaman
I have played a bit of each class that heals. If you want to challenge your self as a healer then i would say Shammy is the way to go. Other wise priest then druid are the easyest in my personal opinion. I do not relay on my totems at all. Hell the only time i use them is for burst healing or i am feeling lazy or showing off. and as for people having to be close thats not true. if you were to use just chain heal you would lose most of your healing power, as for healing rain its our version of a "group" HoT. give us a try and see what i mean.
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