Looking for a new home for myself. I find that my desires to push higher and higher in progression is not in line with the desires of my guildmates and do not wish to lose friends and cause issues due to my ambition. Thus, I leave and wish them all the well.

That said, I wish to constantly improve myself. My desire is to always reach new pinnacles of ability. I put a significant amount of time and effort into not only knowing my class and fights, but also know skills as a tank in general. I seek to output the highest damage I can while taking the least that I can. I love to optimize. I always want to know where or how I can move a boss to make the fight easier for the DPS or healers or any other way that I may do better.

My preferences for a guild would be for a 10 man Horde guild. I would consider a 25 man before I would consider any sort of Alliance guild. It would have to be a very sweet deal for me to faction change.

6/6 H MSV
2/6 H HoF with experience with Mel'Jarak H
4/4N TES with some experience with Lei Shi H.

Past Experiences:
I started raiding as a brand new, baby tank in April of 2010. I managed to clear everything on normal and Halfus on heroic with a very casual guild. Firelands was much the same. For DS, I cleared it all on normal with that same guild, but then switched to a 6/8 H guild and helped them go 8/8H and then went on to get my server's first Heroic Ragnaros kill. It was a thrilling experience and I look forward to striving for more server firsts.

What I am looking for is a core position. I would prefer a main tanking position, but I'm willing to compromise. My offspec is Fury, but I am not at all opposed to Arms.

I am a very timely individual, that said, I am also in college. My current schedule leaves me getting home at 3pm Mondays, 4pm Tuesdays, 7-8pm Wednesdays, and 12pm on Thursdays. I would not be willing to raid on Fridays. All times in PST. I will be choosing my classes for my upcoming quarter on Tuesday, February 26th. Guilds who contact me and woo me before then will have the opportunity to influence how I set up my schedule for this upcoming quarter.

Here is a link to my world of logs:
Additional parses can be found. The person who was running our logs quit and we have someone new running them now.

Contact me here or by battletag (Estarriol#1727), please give me an idea of who you are in requests and if I have not accepted within three days, let me know on here, I may have missed the request.

Happy recruiting.