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This is a bit of a long shot, but worth a try!

I started playing WoW during vanilla and played/raided through to ICC in Wrath. I got bored of the game, but I'd also lost my guild, and the community of friends I played with. Without them, the game just wasn't the same.

I recently got the itch to play and renewed my account, and this time my fiancée has decided to play with me. I picked Runetotem for us to roll on, (not PVP, close to our timezone, smaller population). I'm hoping to rediscover that sense of community/friendship that made the early days of wow such a blast, and I'm wondering if any small or mid-sized guilds might be willing to have us. We're mostly questing and exploring the world. I don't think I'll ever go back to raiding, as my life has moved on from when I could spend hours in game. Mostly, I'm looking for something beyond a random levelling guild, somewhere that has a sense of community that we can join. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you!
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Hordeside there are a lot of awesome guilds. Exitium comes to mind immediately as a fairly chill, "do it all" kind of guild. Definitely do your research though, there's a lot of "random invite please raise our numbers" kind of guilds on both sides, and I'm assuming that's not your cup of tea.

Full disclosure: Exitium has members in my guild, but I've known them for years through horde-side characters I had prior to faction switching everyone alliance side. Good people over there. Except Raz. He's a cad. ;)

On Alliance side I would absolutely have to pimp Is Out of Mana for a bunch of people playing the game together in a guild primarily because we all like each other's company and once in a while end up killing things (or being killed by things) together.
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I second Wildragon's opinion that you both should apply to our guild. :)

This may be the shortest forum post I've ever made.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I had planned to go Horde (I transferred to alliance during an ill-considered comeback during cata) but I'll check out Is Out of Mana and Extium. Finding a community is more important to me than playing any one faction.
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I can tell you that exitium is a fun group. The guild has been around since Cata but a number of us have been around the server since BC release. I xfered here after Vanilla. We are a raiding guild though we do have a lot of folks that PvP and an even larger number of "casuals" that just like to quest, level toons, pet battle and achievement hunt.

If you decide not to faction transfer then all I can say is ALLIANCE SUCKS except the folks in IOOM (Is Out Of Mana) - see how they did that? Clever bunch..)) anyway those folks are fun. I have a toon there that is aallllllllllmmmmoooossssssttttttttt 90.

Basically, sell your soul to me and you and your fiancee will be well looked after. (though I am not an officer in IOOM and cannot help you out there, I have been slowly brainwashing the members there to do my bidding.)
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