<One Percent> Recruiting Pros only for 5.2

90 Human Monk
Sup guys One percent aka best guild on thaurissan in wotlk and still the raining champ of guilds better then Forze etc

here is our set up

Main Tank - Drahgo
Off Tank - Shifty
Dps - Me
Dps - Frontline
Dps - Blake
Dps - Disapointed
Dps - Sykon
Heals - Booze
Heals - hothotsecz
Heals - Rarzaz

Bench - Nuggitz , Busted, some other randos

so we gonna kill the bosses real fast and get rank 1 world wide etc

watch out last attempt (ps your guild tabard looks like $**t)
Edited by Shiojii on 2/15/2013 1:13 AM PST
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90 Gnome Monk
Hai guize its full legit #1 monk in all teh world here. you should totes gimme a core spot cos im like good and stuff la i can even show you a ss of hemmy's UI with his 100 mounts on his bars. its pretty good la

any who get back to me or ill be super 1337 mad at frontlineqt

kthx bai

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90 Blood Elf Hunter
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100 Troll Shaman
I agree, our Tabard is $**t.

but 10man's dont count.
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100 Blood Elf Death Knight
Your roster appears to be 15 players short.
Edited by Zim on 2/17/2013 5:35 AM PST
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90 Human Warrior
Rofl shio,

PS kass, ya hasbeen! hahahahahahaha
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Hahahha dw man we are still keeping Trib afloat
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90 Night Elf Druid
!@#$ why am I the offtank
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