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This has been a good thread, now the question arises, how much does spirit do for mages, and warlocks if any at all. I have a 90 mage and warlock. I would certainly enjoy a good blue sticky that takes this all into account. I have read so many confusing things on the forums.

Some say mages and warlocks don't use spirit, some say they do use it for healing spells. The designers are changing things in the game. My 90 retribution pally has a spell that when put on a friendly target it heals those around him. I like what Blizzard is doing, but just need to understand it better.

They are all fun to play.
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What? No, mages and warlocks have zero benefit from spirit. You're looking at outdated info from pre-Cataclysm, 2009 or earlier. Or you've simply been trolled, since those two don't have any healing spells.

The rule is:
Any class that has a healing spec will also use spirit in their caster dps spec (balance druid/ele shaman). Mage/warlock can not use spirit.
Any melee dps (including ret paladin and enh shaman) have absolutely no benefit from either int or spirit, both are useless stats. Doesn't matter that they also cast spells. their casting power is completely based on strength/agility.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Thanks Breathkeeper sure wanted to hear someone say that, it is what I believed, but I was reading several reliable forums and there was a lot of confusion about it. :-)
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LFR? The only real gear you should be worried about in LFR are the ones that drop from bosses. And since the new loot system took effect in MoP there is no more rolling in LFR. You get a sack, or you get a piece of gear, independent from any other player. But I do admit, I almost like the previous systems better. I've got maybe 2-3 pieces of gear off the numerous bosses and LFR's I've done, not counting how many coins I've wasting for extra rolls only to get more gold. It's pathetic. Even factoring in ninjas and stupid OS rollers in the old LFR system I swear I'd have way more gear than I do now. >> Especially since the old LFR system was only in effect for 2 raids (1 dragon soul split into 2 parts) for a total of 8 bosses? The new LFR in Panda allows way more than that. If the old system were in effect (no matter how much I hate it), I'd still be more geared than I am now.

Not complaining, just saying, there should be some kind of roll increasing factor such that the more times you kill a boss and don't get anything the higher your chance of getting gear on your next roll is.
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But to get back on topic

Your grammar post makes me giggle at your spelling error in the post you followed it with.....a lot.

The system doesn't suck. It's doing what it was designed to do. If people in LFR didn't either act like jerks or cry when they didn't win loot, we wouldn't have needed it to be implemented this way.
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