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90 Troll Shaman
Hi all,

I'm a long time player of WoW, been around since the original. I'll be honest my primary days were in BC, I have played off and on sense then.

I got a 11 day free pass to MoP, so I decided to give it a shot. I know I am 85, and I can't actually level past 85 so this review is primarily referring to the stat of our new talents.

I use to enjoy pvping in the original WoW, and I achieved some decent ranks in BC in the then new arena system as resto. I use to love enhancement before it went to dual wield. Anyway I have always missed pvp, but I understood that this class just was not built for it, and I know that a lot of people will come and say QQ or L2P, but this is just how I feel about the situation.

Anyway after playing for a bit I found the new talents to be disappointing, I enjoy the passive mastery buff and spell power buff as elemental. However, I don't enjoy the fear of death when solo grinding, and I'm in some of the best armor the game provided pre-MOP. I miss totems. I miss dropping them, I felt like they finally had a good system with the built in call of the ancients features, and then just to take it all away. I know that some totems still remain in the game, but they are for specific situations now.

Playing as elemental without dropping totems, I find this class incredibly boring. If I wanted to just pew pew I would play a hunter. I feel like all the other classes that are specific pew pew come with pets, with the exception being mages. Every class had that something special, but now shamans without totems lose that.

I guess I'm partially happy because, I had always been looking for a reason to play as a different class. I have a Death Knight in gear that is no where near as good as this characters and had absolutely no trouble rolling face with him, and I'm confident I could level him easily to 90 in the same equipment.

In my opinion the new talents only affirm what most of the shaman community has been talking about since the release of BC. Blizzard should just come out, and say that shamans should be only considered a strong AOE healing class. I have always considered myself a strong player, and I have been successful on this character in completing most raids. I was even allowed to be elemental for all of cataclysm. It just gets depressing when you are the most active player (according to raid stats) in some of the best gear, and you find yourself getting beat by hunters by incredible margins.

I know its just a game, but technically for the amount of time I have spent on this character I would consider it more of a hobby. I sit there and tweak and tweak just to gain that extra 5 dps, and still get beat by a hunter that just puts AGI in every socket LOL.

Thanks for finally taking the fun out of it. I'll see you on my DK, or maybe a monk he is only level 5, but he seems like more fun.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
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90 Draenei Shaman
You know I felt the same way with the totems.

I've been playing since the beginning of time myself, unfortunately the gameplay just seems to really lack in all aspects compared to before, even though before was a long time ago.

The burst damage, the insanity of it all happening at once, tons of CC's in pvp and just madness. I know it's done for healers but my god, what game breaking game play challenges.

Wasn't a big fan of the shammy in cata or lich either, I always felt like they needed more, I mean I remember them being a cool class way back when, which is why I decided to roll one to give it a try. But as much as ele can be kind of fun leveling (i did do good dps in dungeons, ele actually has a lot of burst dmg) its just paper thin in pvp, I feel really helpless and easily locked down, but I can't decide if that's because the whole game is outrageous or my class.

Everything kind of feels the same now, characters just look like different models but not classes...half the time I'm just getting cc'd by something I've never seen before, it seems like everyone has the ability to do that. I don't even feel like there's much of a variety anymore at all with the game.

It can be fun sometimes, but compared to the old days it's not half as addicting and gets old fast. They really ruined a good thing by changing too much.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Totems were cool in vanilla and BC, they were a pain in the !@# after that. Specially when Dks were introduced, you were lucky to get all your totems down before you were dead.
I'm glad they have changed it's one less thing for me to do before I can fight something. It's bad enough we need FS and ST to reach our regular damage output.

You really should get to 90 and get some gear before you can give a good opinion on the class though, it's really not as bad as it seems now.
You get a couple of really nice abilities that add to the rotation. I gave ele a try while leveling, raided for a couple weeks as ele, then switched back to enhancement and I am almost always in the top 3 now with similar geared players.
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100 Draenei Shaman
02/18/2013 07:21 PMPosted by Humako
I don't enjoy the fear of death when solo grinding
Take it slow, use your tools, you won't die. Of all my 90s (I have 4, 2 Shamans, a Warlock and a Monk) the one that took the least damage while leveling, had the least downtime, killed stuff the quickest and died the least was Elemental.

I miss totems. I miss dropping them
Some of your totems are your most powerful tools to deal with the above, such as Earthbind/Earthgrab and Capacitor Totem. Even Healing Stream Totem dropped before you pull some mobs can be helpful.

The old buff totems were just crappy versions of the buffs everyone else had already.

I know its just a game, but technically for the amount of time I have spent on this character I would consider it more of a hobby. I sit there and tweak and tweak just to gain that extra 5 dps, and still get beat by a hunter that just puts AGI in every socket LOL.
The game isn't really balanced at any level other than 90. Elemental's damage right now is a little low, but that is changing in the patch. At level 90, though, you pick up two very powerful abilities that contribute huge amounts of damage - your level 90 talent and Ascendance at level 87. No other class gains as much damage from their 90 talents and 87 ability as Shamans do.
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90 Draenei Shaman
02/20/2013 01:36 AMPosted by Ashunera
No other class gains as much damage from their 90 talents and 87 ability as Shamans do.

Hunters? Stampede + Powershot/barrage/glaive toss is pretty nice boost.
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92 Pandaren Shaman
My shaman is my only level 90 and I played him since the original. I like the totem and talent changes. I enjoy playing an enhancement shaman. In raid, Shaman does not do the highest damage, but it is not bad at all once you are good with the rotation. Our survivability in PVE is good with shamanistic rage, astral shift, feral spirit and heals every 5 stacks. I just pop one of those when a big hit is coming from a boss and I can face roll it without moving. Less movement means more damage done. I don't PVP much. No comment for that.
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