How Often Are You Switching Glyphs/Talents

100 Human Paladin
pretty much sounds like you're trying to justify not having to reglyph/talent, which is fine.

you don't have to really. but again, why would you not.

Not at all. It was more along the lines of "Do I look like a raging tool changing glyphs and talents every fights?"
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90 Blood Elf Warrior
As long as you're not taking forever to do the swaps you're fine. I can almost guarantee at LEAST 2-3 other people in the raid have to swap some other things around and that's just in 10man.
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90 Draenei Paladin
02/20/2013 04:02 PMPosted by Healtuff
I guess it wasn't really a question of "Are there was any negative repercussions," but more "How big of an impact do people really think it makes?"

Occasionally there will be a conflict with an add-on and you'll have to go turn the add-on back on after you've switched talents/glyphs, but in many raid teams there are enough talent/glyph switchers that it's sort of expected and not a huge deal if it happens.

My main switches are:
- glyphing div prot for fights where damage I take as a healer is likely to be physical (Wind Lord, Sha)
- swapping from Clemency to Purity for Amber Shaper. (I believe I also used Purity on my first H Feng kill, but I went without on the second and it was fine.)
- swapping from Speed of Light to Pursuit for fights with more constant movement rather than a few bursts of movement.
- Lights Hammer vs. Holy Prism. I usually roll with Prism right now, but I'll swap back to hammer for certain fights.

I usually keep 2-3 stacks of tomes on me.
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100 Tauren Druid

I guess to reiterate my question, in MoP is it really that big of a deal to try and optimize talents and glyphs for each fight?

Only if you want to optimize your play.

Which you should want to when you're on non-farm content.

And to answer the question: there's a couple talents I switch back and forth, how often really depends on if I'm also doing challenge modes that week. There's a couple fights I prefer Soul of the Forest over Incarnation, and a couple where I might prefer Nature's Vigil over Heart of the Wild, so those might both get switched back and forth 2-3 times a week. If I do challenge modes I'll swap Glyph of Wild Growth for something else, but otherwise there aren't any times when my 3 glyphs aren't ideal.

And when we're learning a new fight I might change around more to help give us the edge. Like getting Mass Entanglement or Mighty Bash for Lei Shi's adds. Or Glyph of Stampeding Roar for Blade Lord P2. Nowadays those fights aren't rough enough to need em, but they helped when we were learning and once again, why wouldn't you spend a handful of gold to help out a bit?
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100 Tauren Druid

And when we're learning a new fight I might change around more to help give us the edge. Like getting Mass Entanglement or Mighty Bash for Lei Shi's adds.

Bit of bad advice there? Typhoon always the way to go. Why would anyone want a 2min Cd for any CC that needs to be used frequently, if it needs to be used. Really it's for emergency on that incase you grab hard threat before they've been hard CC'd by your dps, or picked up by tank.

Then again, I play with 2 priests, fearbombs are the way to go.
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90 Human Priest
A lot of the time, the glyphs are irrelevant, so I run both armour glyphs and holy fire. However, =there are some fights where specific utility is needed or good (mass dispel when used or occasionally renew for H Bladelord for another instant to put on the windstepped person as we are running out of the bladestorm).
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90 Human Priest
I change according to fight. Usually it's always that '3rd utilty major' while the first and second remains staple. Most popular to-change-to glyph is mass dispel. For high mobility fights I go to penance.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I haven't done a non-lfr raid in forever (the guild I ran with began to clash with my class times and my own guild is still building a raid team) so I haven't really switched anything. When I did, I only really changed the 90 tier as the other talents fit my personal style more. As a holy paladin, the other talents don't really seem to be on a fight to fight basis but a personal basis but I am sure other classes/specs have talents which they always play around with.
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