Agony, Vod, Sorrow and Extra Druid

I love how 10 people is now a "whole Sha group" when ya de one gettin' pwnd.

For alla yer big talk, you guys sure do cry a lot when ya cain't jes' gank people already in combat.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
lol troll your words are forked like you leaders
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90 Night Elf Druid
I wouldn't consider that crying or complaining. It was an observation as to how pathetic it is that you need 30 people to go up against us. I am actually very proud that our band of misfits can generate that much fear on the horde side. If it takes 30+ horde to take us on that's perfectly fine by me.

Bring it on, we love the challenge!
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I ain' kiddin' ya, bruddah. I'm bein' as square witchoo as I ken.

I'm only talkin' smack, I ain' got no hard feelin's and no reason t' lie to ya, mon.

Unlike some folks, I ken sep'rate de player from de toon. I know ya jes' like to fight, and I respec' de heck outta dat. But dey ain' no reason t' be ugly about it, bruddah.

I ain' no great fightah. Heck, I jes' last night got the las' piece of PVP Blue Honor gear (and t'anks fo' dat, BTW, couldn'ta done it witoutcha!) ... but I also ain' got no reason t' lie t' y'all.

Ya wan' de truf, ax a troll.
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