Guild Logical is recruiting for Group 2 Core team. Logical is 6/16H on the current content and group 2 is 16/16.

Group 2 is now recruiting for DPS. We are going into patch 5.2 with a fresh slate and looking for players to join group 2 core team. This team will also be looking to do as much progression as Group 1 in our guild.

We are now gathering members now prior to patch 5.2 so we can be ready to rip new raiding content.

We are looking for almost any dps class (preference would be range dps), we can make adjustments if needed.

The schedule for raiding is :
Thursday and Friday (a possible third day once the new content is out depending on members). We start at 6:45 pm Server (which is pacific time) to 9:45 pm.

If you are interested, please leave a post here to this topic, or you can whisper me or ingame mail me to either Firefoxs/Beeroism/Furealheals.

Also, you can apply to our website :

Please fill out the info below : =)

Character Name:
Armory Link:
Real Life Age:
Applying for? (member/raider)

Why are you applying to Logical? Please tell us if you know anyone in the guild and how you heard about us.

Thank You!