Signitures: Alliance foundation

90 Human Warrior
New guild with what you are lookg for in a guild. Level one charicters or whaever necisary to have as many as possible. The Dammage, healers and anything we have is for the community of the guild. That is it unless we are build it up for the future. There is may things we can do to satisfy. I myself am a bos sand I have raid gear and we can find my things there is is to what we can put into a guild. I would suggest someone earn 4000 honor points, and 4000 justace points, 4000 Valor points and 4000 conquest points. Then Raid gear works for anything. We can have fun in in our own way we grow accustomed to. Our way is what we can form together. There is a way to hav3e fun in may circomstances. We can build off many ways of thinking. Having team work can get many things done. There is one way for everthing. We can make something that woks for the things we have one thing at a time. There is a nice way to make things work that helps. Working on makeing the vault a lot helps. making a instance and raid scedual helps. There is a good way to find out the details and solve problems. We can do invites as much as we can. There is a great way to expand and explore. We have a nice plan to go by and World of warcraft solutions to find. There is al sorts of facts we need. W have a nice way to find peace with one another. You can tell me what you are lookinf for in a guuild and I can help you with provideing it. We can provide to one antoher the good way. We can have a helpful gameing time to what matters. Were we have needs is where we can focus out attension. We can follow agreable standards. Building is easyer to follow. saving is helpful. We can focus on helping the ritch I am no filth seeker. we help the ritch and we will benifit from it. Save yourslf if you havent done so yet. What I want to hear is you know the meaning of foundation. We have many things to accomplish. and have a lot to be greatful for. Peace.
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90 Human Warrior
Adetude of gradetude: Help the strong so they can help you. Wealthy is an increasing prosess. The ritch are those who recive an ddont give back unless otherwise. Save your Money so you can make use of it. the stong are those who care. those who are overflowing with streangth are like me. I am a good man. Save yourself so you can be good at something. take a hard look at who you are untill you are overflowing with streangth. Be ritch. what can we do in forming a guild you like but we should be strong and ritch. there is only such a thing as being more stonger streangth has no bounds. Be in something but on of it. Have the graceful will enharit all the earth. save. learn wha tthe word life realy does mean.
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