Quiet on Llane

90 Night Elf Druid
I don't think I have ever seen Llane so quiet, even on peek hrs. Anyone else notice?
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90 Dwarf Warrior
Yes, it does seem pretty quiet. I like to assume it is because everyone is out doing fun and exciting things.

Realm pop might be down too though. :(
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90 Undead Rogue
I still use the WoW Census add-on: in short, it scans/spams the realm with /who command with various parameters to see who is online. As of lately, the results are very low numbers, even at peak hours.

Many guilds disbanded and/or swapped to the opposite faction. Many players also looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Not to say that Llane is dying per se, but it is a fact that the game is getting old. After all, 8 years + is already an amazing longevity for a game.

I have been around since game launch (always on Llane) and I saw people come and go, but I noticed that there's more people quitting than new blood coming lately.
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90 Draenei Hunter
The first thing I did when I moved to Llane around October was to check forums - it seems that the Llane forum has been quiet for at least that long. It would be lovely to have a more active forum and be able to meet new people!
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90 Night Elf Druid
Forums use to be very active, always something happening here, pugs, guild recruitment's, peeps looking to buy things etc. Anyone remember back in the naxx days when this server had a que time to log on? sure miss those days lol.

My guild I was just in recently xferred off server to stormrage, I was gonna go but I know many on llane still but that list is getting smaller. I did start a toon over there and my god its a very active server, 1 week my lock went from lvl 1-90 and a ilvl of 478.

I hope this server is just in a phase, peeps waiting for the new patch
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90 Dwarf Hunter
At the risk of getting a forum ban hammer, these forums can't even be likened to a shadow of their former self. I remember so many, many inane, silly, enlightening, maddening forum threads of yore. Forum moderation is a thankless job and I salute those whose task it is to remove offensive material. Having been the target of such things, I'm very grateful you do your job well.

And yet, would the "counting" thread go anywhere? Someone tried, I think back in December and it went nowhere. What about the "pancakes vs waffles" thread. Man, that thread went on for 10 pages, if memory serves me correctly. "Love, Todd" would go nowhere now and while "Todd" was sometimes horribly offensive, he did get the community talking.

At the end of Wrath, the forum turned. Gold runs and guild recruitment spam took the place of other threads. It's been downhill ever since. Does this reflect the decline in the server population? I think it does to a degree. If you are a raiding guild looking for x class, it's probably exceptionally hard to find that class. The influx of people is very small. You've got to have a hook to get someone to transfer here. So many people I know have left the game, quite a few in this expansion, because it's not fun anymore. It's become a grind.

While I don't wish for a return to what the forums were during Burning Crusades, I think there needs to be a change in policy of what is and isn't acceptable here. From the point of anything goes to the point now of nothing goes, we need to be in the middle. I thought this server did a fairly accurate job of policing itself. Perhaps I was misinformed. I used to hang out here, a lot. Now, weeks can go by without me thinking of coming here and I am a regular. Llane dying? I don't think so, but it's been a lot more active in past years.
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Enjoy this time of peace.
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90 Orc Death Knight
I have noticed this as well in my short time back to wow. It is strangely surprising to see the server so dead. I too have been on server since launch as a mage.
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Its not dead yet. Its only a flesh wound!
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3 Gnome Rogue
Only need to watch trade and see all the guilds trying to recruit for their 10 mans to see that llane is dead. Hell even Judgement and Irate Pirates had to get together to run a 10 man and still required a tank if they haven't found one, these are guilds with 450+ members each. Go look at wow progression, look at each tier and you will see a high decline in guilds.

One of the reasons Fallen Angelz left server was because they couldn't fill raid spots. When you got top end guilds/progression guilds having a hard time filling spots, then there's something wrong. You got guilds running 2-3 10 mans and are trying to recruit to fill spots. Guilds who have 400+ members having a hard time filling spots.

Llane use to have a ton of pugs going on, whether it was new or old content, you don't see it anymore, another sign llane's dead. Few weeks back was on a sunday and Gal had spawned, it took almost 45mins to fill group, we didn't even get the kill, horde got the tag lol and they pulled with 10 people and finished with a full group.

As the server gets worst so does the AH, just wait until your paying out your butt for gems, enchants and such. Less people=less farmers=supply and demand. I have a toon on a very low pop server, leg enchants will run you 3kg, gems run you for 500g+. This server will be there soon.

Like kyn said, hopefully its just a phase and peeps are just waiting for 5.2 now. Remember people get bored, guild masters/officers need to keep their members active. Run old content for achievements/mounts etc, go out and have fun.
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90 Draenei Warrior
I play Horde on a different realm and that realm has such a low population that it sometimes pops as a "New Character realm. I think that is how you know whether or not your realm needs help population-wise!

The game still has lots of fun things to go do although I do admit the re-level, re-grind cycle gets old after a few xpacks. Once you divest of the cycle though there are lots of ways to explore what the game has to offer. Heck i could probably fill my play time with nothing but pet battle cheevos until the next xpack comes out!
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90 Human Warlock
There's been a lot of chatter on the general forums about how LFR has negatively affected normal and heroic mode raiding. And while "community" and "raiding" aren't the same thing, they are closely related, since raiders and raiding drive so much server traffic, commerce, and social interaction.

I think the game is headed towards raiding and non-raiding realms (in fact, we may already be there). Where the people that are interested in normal and heroic mode progression will congregate in sufficient numbers to create a community where finding and filling raid teams won't be so hard, and then the majority of servers will be a lot of social, casual-type players who get together to run dailies, heroics, and queue for LFR's together (sound familiar?).

I don't know of that's what blizz had in mind when they came up with LFR. I doubt the impact on normal/heroic mode raiding is a surprise, but the community at large appears to have suffered some, and the size and activity of WoW's community is what made the game different from all the other MMO's that have come and gone.

TLDR----> for llane and a lot of other medium pop servers, this is the new normal.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Patch tomorrow, woot! Hopefully Llane will wake up then...
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90 Night Elf Druid
Hopefully the guilds who will be running normal will fill us in on their progress. Looks like LFR will be on hold for a few weeks, so those of us not in a raiding guild will have to live vicariously through them.
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90 Night Elf Druid
openraid.us, go sign up, you will be able to run the raids via cross realm. Cannot run current tiers
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